【MUSIC】Beautiful Hangover/BIGBANG ♪♪ Audio Release And The Now-inevitable Auto-Tune

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* Recording: Studio
* Artist: BIGBANG
* Length: 00:03:46
* Lyrics: G-Dragon,SHIKATA,iNoZzi,Perry Borja
* Composition: Nadir Benkahla, Saeed Molavi,Perry Borja


* Recording: Studio
* Artist: BIGBANG
* Length: 00:03:32
* Lyrics: Perry Borja,Kitayama Moss,G-Dragon
* Composition: G-Dragon, Seung Chun Ham

BIGBANG's music is different when it's from the studio and a live performance (with all-singing, all-dancing and two-rapping them five).To me, "Beautiful Hangover" is the song that I saw them did it live first and I say it for the record that it's the first piece that they performed well before the physical release.While one purpose of a live is to offer fans the physical, human presence of the stars,BIGBANG are the undying pop entertainers and the unabashed dance vocal group when goofing, in the other words,"dorky" — and that’s how we love them.

G-Dragon gives Beautiful Hangover a paradox of title. Sometimes conflict works best when he describes the beauty of a woman in his own perspective and words."Hangover" in Japanese (futsukayoi/mikkayoi/yokkayoi) literally means to get drunk two/three/four-day straight, in that order, and it seems like no-one wants to be sober this time on this bump n grind "made in Japan" stuff and I rest my case on that indirect denial rumor last week!

G-Dragon (and the producer team) brings his signature high-powered hip-hop rhymes, along with chorus catchphrases processed through the now-inevitable Auto-Tune. Politically correct. He’s not that into Jay-Z, anymore, is he? That’s the right balance he always keeps when creating a beat and it's the style that he loves implementing a new sound designing (in K-Pop) and is being full-blown experimentalism to the bone.

Two BIGBANG's power-ballad black-belters, Taeyang and Daesung and a nasal teeny popper Seungri, with not so heavy Kansai dialect as when he MCs, celebrate Japan's summer and seduce anyone who listens to it to take their clothes off while they guide us through the song with their well-trained Japanese.

BIGBANG's message is simple: let's make love!

There comes "Somebody To Luv," it's a record that resorts to full-fledged Auto-Tune cyborgs like many R&B and hip-hop music with its Auto-Tuned vocals and its pneumatic programmed beat.G-Dragon and T.O.P's tireless rap lines is like trying to cope up with four-letter words and they successfully overcome their Japanese rap shortcoming with that machine! I quite like Taeyang's singing technique when he almost raps all his lines out.Daesung and Seungri utilize their perfect pitch and the ohmigod surprise exclamation "Excuse me, Miss" gives me the feeling when someone asks for my number and Blackberry PIN in a club.

G-Dragon is so courage to chop up his voice and T.O.P to make it sounds so electro and trance driven music. It’s a perfect fit when you go clubbing on all four or are high on the DJ deck with six pack of Red Bulls.

BIGBANG have come surprisingly close to the A-listers of an international group working in Japan and to their K-Pop associates, considering that they debuted here last summer.Apparently, when they sacrifice the Korea comeback and trade it off with a greater opportunity by investing their talent resources, time and pave way for their 2NE1 dongseangs in Japan music industry.But be warned,girl group is "another" story in Japan,imagine how can you beat the whole bunch of AKB48 or let them collabo with The Leader as they wished?

In 2010, the term "rookie" and "newcomer" don’t apply to BIGBANG and they have to wrestle with Japan's heavyweights on the Oricon charts and award ceremony. "Beautiful Hangover" is ranking one of BIGBANG's best Japan record they has ever captured a summer theme song, it’s as good as it gets milked by G-Dragon's time-constraint schedule and he admits that he finds it so hard to wake up for or has to fight some headache and stomachache watching lots of hangover shawty when the morning comes.Oops!

And if BIGBANG prove me wrong, who don't want to see them at Kohaku this year end and The Dome on to the next one, please raise their hands!


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