[INFO]G-Dragon 「Shine a Light」 DVD release,jjang!

G-Dragon's first solo concert 「Shine a Light」 is now in DVD! 

Here's the release info I've got from kan-kan (a Korean DVD import webshop in Japan).Since there's no official info from YGeSHOP and YGEJ (YG Entertainment Japan),I think it's exciting to watch the whole show all over again at home^^

The DVD is available only on booking with NO subtitles in Japan and can be played only on a Region 3 DVD player (see if it's can be played at your home here).It's due to out in February (not May,sorry for the typo,if you read our tweets^^).

The worse news is that they're going to delete the controversial songs off the show (Breathe,Korean Dream and She's Gone) which I think that they are the CRUCIAL portions of 「Shine a Light」,in order to avoid any law infringement that may happen.

I'm so hopeless with YGE's decision on this matter.There's no other way to watch it uncensored?Without those three songs, 「Shine a Light」 is not a complete feast for the VIPs eyes.Can you release it somewhere else outside South Korea jurisdiction,huh?C'mon!

Oh, and don't forget to watch the show on TBS on 02/13 at 23:00.

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빠르게 뛰는 토끼 지드래곤 vs 천천히 흘러가는 거북이 태양

친구다, 같은 그룹 멤버다, 초등학생 때부터 가수를 준비했다, 타고난 끼가 있다 등등. 지드래곤과 태양은 많은 공통점이 있다. (그래, 키도 비슷하다.) 이렇게 많은 것을 공유하는 둘이지만, 이들은 동전의 앞뒤처럼 정반대의 성향을 갖고 있다. 지드래곤이 뛰어간다면, 태양은 흘러간다. 지드래곤의 음악이 혀끝을 안다면, 태양의 음악은 목넘김을 안다. 지드래곤은 타고난 엔터테이너처럼 움직인다. 카메라 앞에서, 또 밖에서 사람들의 마음을 뺏는 법을 본능적으로 안다. 쉴 새 없이 바뀌는 그의 가방과 모자, 신발은 스타일 아이콘으로서의 또 다른 자아다. 태양은 반대다. 엔터테이너로서의 그는 그저 천진난만하게 웃는 표정, 그 뿐이다. 그의 머리 위에 항상 같은 각도로 얹혀져 있는 모자는 그의 고집스러운 자아나 다름없다. 결론은, 이 둘은 이렇게나 많이 다르다. 다시 말해, 전혀 다른 성향을 갖기에 사실 ‘라이벌’로서의 전제조건이 성립되지 않는다는 얘기다. 그럼에도 불구하고 이들을 라이벌로 꼽은 이유는, 둘 중 누가 먼저 자기 이름만으로 무대를 가득 채울까, 결국 누가 사람들의 머릿속에 더 짙게 남을까에 대한 궁금증 때문이다. 체급이 확연히 다른 토끼와 거북이의 경우에도, 이들이 한 경기를 뛰면 누가 이길지 궁금해서 그 이야기를 끝까지 읽게 되는 것과 같다. (소속사 사장님의 욕심이 어느 정도인지는 모르지만) 이제 스물세 살인 이 둘에 대해 ‘아이돌이다, 뮤지션이다, 엔터테이너다’ 꼬리표를 붙이고 정의를 내리는 것은 섣부른 짓이다. 지금은 그저 연습경기다. 아마도 이들의 진짜 경쟁은 YG라는 울타리를 벗어나는 그 순간부터일테니까. 2020년쯤 지드래곤과 태양이 각자 어떤 음악을 하고 어떤 길을 걷고 있을지, 아, 궁금타.
안인용 <한겨레> esc팀 기자

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[CM]BIGBANG G-Dragon and T.O.P for ::Cyon Crystal:: 15s Re-edit version

Think I've already seen this version on Korea TV while I was there.The LG gesture calling is quite confusing in practical,really, 'cos my finger is always moving too fast!

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[COVERAGE]G-Dragon was summoned at Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors last night

It takes almost two months for the prosecutors to investigate and subpoena BIGBANG G-Dragon on the alleged violation of the Youth Protection Act in his solo concert "Shine a Light" with three particular songs taken from his recent solo album, "Breathe," "Korean Dream" and "She's Gone."

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs has commissioned the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors Office to investigate the performance of those three songs in the concert.

To give you some details "Breathe" has the vertical bed setting with a female dancer (Aimee Lucas) hung by the rope and she wrapped her tights around G-Dragon waist for 5 seconds. While "Korean Dream" contains some explicit language and the visual on screen in "She's Gone" depicted a crime scene of G-Dragon chasing after a woman, killed her and left a bloodstain on the floor.

Later last night (February 4, 2010) at 21:00, G-Dragon was reported that he was summoned at Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors Office or SEDPO approximately for an hour long and left the place home at 22:00.

The artist denies all the alleged claim when questioned by the prosecutors saying that "I did not know that it is obscenity." and on his perception that the show is considered as the sexual abuse to the youth he stated that "I did not know."

The prosecutors gave the words that "We need to find out that he deliberately performed his show that contained explicit contents or not."

The evidence of the case has been provided by YG Entertainment including the video taped from the concert and photography and they have to extend the summon date from January to February due to G-Dragon's hectic schedule.

YG Entertainment representative said that "We eager to create something spectacular in many various forms for the fans and if what we've done is wrong. We’re sorry and we'll take all the full responsibility." and "According to this issue, the controversial parts of the concert will all be deleted and edited."

The reaction from the fans and netizens on the matter is quite the opposite perspective from the prosecutors' and the Ministry that

"His show was very provocative and I don't even realize that they take it so serious."

"It's very sad for a 10-year-old fan to admit that it happens to my favorite singer."

"Korea will never quarantee the freedom of expression for its artists."

SEDPO expects its decision whether to file the criminal charge against G-Dragon next week.

The timeline to this issue is exhibited as following:

December 5 & 6, 2009: Shine a Light concert was held at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in front of 24,000 audiences in total.

December 10, 2009: The prosecutors requested G-Dragon in a criminal investigation.

January 6, 2010: The prosecutors summoned G-Dragon.

January 7, 2010: 1,000 G-Dragon supporters gathered to start the 1st round of petition.

February 4, 2010: G-Dragon was summoned at SEDPO.

February 8 - 12, 2010: Expect the decision of the prosecutors whether to file a criminal charge against G-Dragon.

No matter what the decision may turn out to be. Shine a Light will air on TBS on February 13 at 23:00. The world will experience how cute Gaho is on stage and G-Dragon sang and danced in the bathtub?RAD!

There's lots for you to enjoy at the concert.Donation, a good cause by YG WITH at the venue, is making a difference and freedom of expression is what the law can't take away from anyone under the same sun.

See you in Japan, GeeDee hwaiting! BIGBANG hwaiting!


[VIP JAPAN MAIL]「BIGBANG Presents ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」Additional Seats Announcement at Kobe World


VIP JAPANのみなさま、こんにちは。
「BIGBANG Presents ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」神戸公演の追加席チケット発売決定と、

■ 「BIGBANG Presents ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」神戸公演 追加席発売決定!

「BIGBANG Presents ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」神戸公演のステージプラン確定につき、

2月6日(土) 正午~(先着先行受付)

■ 先日実施の横浜アリーナ・日本武道館公演追加席販売のキャンセルチケットの受付を実施!

2月8日(月) 20:00~
BIGBANG OFFICIAL FAN CLUB VIP JAPAN  http://vip.ygbigbang.jp/
BIGBANG オフィシャルサイト http://www.ygbigbang.jp

2 good news for 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」!

■ YGE Japan adds more seats to the Kobe World venue and the ticket booking starts on February 6 (Sat) at 12:00 here (via PC&Mobile)

■ The additional standing tickets at Nihon Budokan that's got cancled in advance by the audiences are now back and available for those who've missed the chance.The ticket booking starts on February 8 (Mon) at 20:00 here (via PC&Mobile)



[ATTN:VIP Japan Only] GD&H Japan Supporters 様よりスローガン配布

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[MERCHANDISE]Electric Love Tour 2010:Two more limited items only at Nihon Budokan venue

It's the signed face towel by every BIGBANG members (the G-Dragon signature area will sure be worn out by my face! ke ke ke) and a Japanese folding fan (扇子/sensu) (a souvenir for my grandma?COOL!)

And that'll make these two items become VERY rare and I bet they'll be sold out just like the tix!



[CLIP]100204 Arirang World「K-POP HOT ISSUE!」

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[TV]Hiroshi Tamaki -- "BIGBANG and TVXQ are cool.I want to work here in Korea"

He mentions BIGBANG @01:54^^

Tamaki Hiroshi aka Chiaki Shinichi from Nodame Cantabile (SeungRi's fav Japanese Drama) talked about BIGBANG, TVXQ, BoA and K-Pop on his recent visit in Seoul that "BIGBANG and Tohoshinki are cool. I want to work here in Korea." and "I think it's great that they are having the activities in Japan. Since there aren't so many Japanese artists have performed in Korea, I hope I can do that in my upcoming concert."

Tamaki was in Seoul on 29- 31 January, 2010 to promote "Tamaki Hiroshi Live Tour 2009-2010 Alive in Seoul" which will be held in Korea in March 2010. He's got a large fanbase in Korea and I guess that SeungRi's one of them?!



[PHOTO]2010 BIGSHOW backstage TaeYang and HaRang kun

10년 전 A-yo! 뮤직비디오에서 리틀션이었던 태양.
이제 우리 하랑이가 리틀태양이 됐다.^^

[10 years ago TaeYang was the Little Sean in A-Yo! PV.
Now our HaRang is the Little TaeYang.^^]

Taken from Sean minihp

Wow!That's cute.TaeYang x Lil' HaRang (*^ー^)ノ The YG mohawk twins! ke ke ke^^  

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[NEWS]Entertainment Industry Trapped in Exhibitionism

G-Dragon, left, leader of popular boy band Big Bang, gives a sexually-charged performance during his concert at Olympic Gymnasium in southeastern Seoul last month in this image captured from a video of his performance. Singer Yoon Bok-hee sports a miniskirt in this January 1967 file photo.

Sex-Obsessed or Free Expression?

By Park Si-soo
Staff Reporter

In January 1967, when Yoon Bok-hee, a legendary singer, appeared on TV wearing a miniskirt, she was branded a "public enemy" who threatened to destroy Korea's strict ethical code.

In April 1973, a barmaid was thrown into jail for sporting a scanty garment that exposed more than 20 centimeters of flesh above her knees.

Such a miniskirt ban is long gone but, ironically, Korea now finds itself debating whether it is overly tolerant.

The debate especially focuses on entertainers, notably singers, in their sexually explicit performances, which some criminologists claim have a lot to do with an increasing number of sex crimes, among the younger generation in particular.

Park Hyung-sin, 38, said she was shocked after watching a music video on television with her nine-year-old son. It was a music video of a popular girl group's hit song, showing a young couple, scantily clad, in bed kissing and touching each other before ending with a scene insinuating the two were completely naked.

"I blushed in embarrassment at first and became indignant," Park said. "I fear for my child and wonder what impact it will have on him, when he is left alone to watch it. Then, I was told that many music videos of this kind are available on the Internet. It's really a big problem."

In fact, one of the codes for success in the entertainment industry here is getting "sexy." Actors and actresses as well as singers are competing to show as much of their bodies as possible. Some music videos of singers, which are popular among teenagers, show scenes on the border of explicit sexual intercourse or homosexuality.

"If such films had been shown even a decade ago, they might have created a major controversy," said a senior producer of m.net, a domestic music television. "We weed out overly explicit scenes and ask entertainment agencies to reedit them."

Seo Hyun-seong, a music video director, says sexually seductive scenes in music videos are regarded as a "must-have" element to sell.

"With little difference in music style, agencies try to grab public attention with sexily dressed singers," Seo said. "With no detailed regulations existing, such a trend is likely to continue for a while."

Such a trend is no longer limited to the small screen or cyberspace.

G-Dragon, the leader of popular boy band Big Bang, has faced changes for a sexually-charged performance during a solo concert in front of 50,000 fans, mostly teenagers, in December last year. During his concert at a stadium in Seoul on Dec. 5 and 6, the 21-year-old singer performed some pseudo-sexual acts with a female dancer on a bed on stage, with heavy breathing and moaning coming out of the speakers.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs subsequently filed a complaint with the state prosecution, saying the singer's performance was too sexually explicit to be available to teenagers. The prosecution plans to summon the singer for questioning.

Yang Hyun-suk, head of G-Dragon's management agency, said in a statement, "I will fully cooperate with the investigation and take all legal responsibility for the performance."

Entertainers have also been criticized for the perceived sexual content of certain lyrics and dancing styles.

Part of a song by popular girl group Brown Eyed Girls is "You can climb on top of me, and then I will climb over you, too. We will be out of control in the end. I want to kiss on your bright-white neck."

Lyrics of another song, by Sandara Park, a member of the popular girl band 2NE1, say "Don't hesitate. You can have my lips."

Kang Tae-gyu, an executive at a music label, said "A growing number of boy and girl bands are seeking a competitive edge with obscene contents in lyrics or music video. When I listen carefully to some music, I feel like I'm in an adult-only night club."

Experts say teenagers exposed to sexual content through TV, music, films or magazines on a regular basis are more prone to be sexually stimulated than those who don't.

According to a recent survey of 155 teenagers convicted of sexual crimes by Professor Shin Eui-jin of Yonsei medical school in Seoul, nearly 40 percent of them pointed out obscene material on TV and the Internet prodded them to rape or harass a woman.

Ji Jung-soon, an activist of a teenager-protection group, urged the authorities to set concrete guidelines. "Obscene material has already become a part of daily life for our children. Immediate and strong countermeasures are needed," Ji said.


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[CLIP]BIGBANG mix 'n' mashup by Alikstae

As we all know that DJing is also G-Dragon's favorite pastime that shines a light in "Korean Dream" and "This Love" live performance. GeeDee also endorsed Pacemaker, a pocket-size DJ system and disc jockey mixer, in which we're so sure that he's got one to play with when he's on the road.

I love DJing too much til it becomes the passion of life. It's fun to twist your fav tune, add some rad beats and see how other peeps react to it at the party. Here, we’ve found that Alikstae's work is packed with colorful and glittering mix in it. You see, BIGBANG music is wonderful in many ways as long as it's in our VIP radar^^


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[TV]Mnet Japan KM Idol World Episode 5 (Japanese subtitles) END

Check out all these classic BIGBANG on Idol World shows at Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4.

You'll learn how the origin of DaeSung's solo digital single "Look At Me,Gwison" come from and enjoy watching G-Dragon grabbed too much powder and blowed his face white in La La La.

And the rest is history^^V

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[NEWS]Turn It Up/T.O.P registered at KOMCA

YG Entertainment has officially registered Turn It Up at Korea Music Copyright Association - KOMCA on 10/01/18.

BIGBANG T.O.P co-wrotes and co-arranges his latest solo single,Turn It Up,with Teddy.The PV was showcased as a part of BIGBANG 2010 BIGSHOW which held on January 29 - 31, 2010. His solo album is due in mid-February or early March at the latest.



[CM]BIGBANG for BSX pictorials [Res: 550 x 414]

Edgy and fierce preppy look. ke ke ke (^ε^)♪



[PHOTO]Sky! × BIGBANG Caravan Cheer 「Choice is yours」 wallpapers 2 versions









Via スカパー! アジアポップスター特集♪


D-7 [NEWS]Tix to Electric Love Tour 2010:ALL SOLD OUT

No alarms and no surprises.

The tix price that goes to Yahoo Japan Auction can be as crazy as JPY225,000 (original price is JPY8,000,now you do the math!) and if you buy the auctioned tix, you're NOT allowed to see BIGBANG in concert here as quoted by the (scary) concert guidelines that says "The ones disappointed the most to find there are people who do not follow the rules, will be BIGBANG."

Good news is, there's more standing tix available at every venue except the one in Kobe World.SO BE QUICK!

See you at the concert,VIPs.Drink a lot of water if you plan to dance and scream for all 3 hours long! Wave the light stick up high,but not on ma head! (the admin has spared the stick for T.O.P, he hasn't got one yet.Mwahaha)



[PHOTO]2NE1 Minzi-chan is my heart heart heart heart heartbreaker....

LOL that's kawaiiiii.YG Family,yo!

Via 민지님의 글 - [2010년 2월 2일, 화요일]



[NEWS]BSX casual wear selects BIGBANG for the "comfort, attractive and nice" look

BIGBANG unveils the relaxed natural charm through candid camera in the recent clothing brand advertising.

BSX young casual apparel has selected BIGBANG as the latest model to feature in the pictorial catalogue with the “Backstage Reality” concept.

It’s where you can see BIGBANG in their outfit while taking a break and relaxing in the dressing room and thanks to the full ads pictorial that it is a great flashback to their recent concert (2010 BIGSHOW).

The CF shoot location as seen on TV also carries this concept. BIGBANG’s face was painted in the extremely bright graffiti and has transformed themselves into a bunch of lively powered-up dancers in a tube station. It is a parody of a scene in “Step Up 2” with a powerful outstanding performance by each group member.

The natural concept of the set caused a wild laughter from the staff at the backdoor as G-Dragon made fun of his face by trying to stretch it. The other group members are also showing their unique adorable charisma and charm through the apparel.

BIGBANG represents BSX’s image as the young, lively guys with the preppy and college students look in the pictorial. BSX official said to reveal the satisfaction to work with BIGBANG that

“BSX expects to make this BIGBANG ads shoot to lead the young casual wear market.”

Via 빅뱅, 캐주얼 브랜드 'BSX' 모델 발탁…"편안한 매력 물씬"


[CM]BIGBANG poses for BSX + store display

We've posted some fun fancams on 01/13 of SeungRi,TaeYang and T.O.P in a tube station (very much familiar to me like it's somewhere in Chungmuro or Dongdaemun Stadium?Lame guess,maybe^^;).

The BSX CM was out yesterday morning and here are the print ads and the BSX store display of BIGBANG as their new endorser.

BSX is a teen casual budget line of the well-known Hong Kong clothing store,Giodano, which SeungHo (GD's BFF and 2NE1 stylist) once posed for them. In my opinion, this line is using a very close look and concept to FILA, but not as sporty as that. It's got more grown-up street-style that comes in a much cheaper price!

The cardigan that T.O.P sports on also bears my initial,then why don't go online shopping for some more, huh?