Message from BIGBANG SeungRi.Hi!Greeting from Japan

The SeungRi day in Japan makes me feel some difference!

It's been such a long time that I've written here.

^^ Everybody,how are you!!!?

It's a little bit strange that I used to write this in the VIP ZONE,but now am writing it here


After BIGSHOW ended in Korea

We've come to Japan

We're on tour! ^^

We've a major debut here and now we're touring the country!

We've got such a great feedback from the Japanese fans..  that surprises me...

VIPs Korea are so much excited, enthusiastic and screaming out loud so awesome, but 

VIPs Japan focus on the show, try to remember and absorb every bits of it

And they wave their hands. It's like that ^^

It's different! That sounds funny!!!!!!!!I think it can be a really fun concert

Do you want to come!!? At this time BIGSHOW

All members feel guilty ... we have no new album ㅜㅜ we could not sing you the new songs

I am so sorry....

But we've got to prepare for the great comeback this year!!!

I'm at the concert in Yokohama and I'm going to Kobe in Osaka...

I'm now at the hotel... ^^  The scenery is so good

It's about the Valentines' Day.... I wanna give you some chocolate as a gift... ㅜㅜ

How can I do that???????

I want to..... does everyone love chocolate??^^

I gon try my best to sing here in Japan

!!  I've got some great stuff for VIP Korea also!
Am on my way!

See ya!!

My precious thing~!!!!

Precious.. Are your arms starting to bind with each other?ㅋㅋㅋ

It's ok!!! ㅋㅋ


Good night^^ !

Oh,my VI!That so super cute! *arms binding* ke ke ke

Via Daum 카페


[INFO]BIGBANG to donate 50% of two Electric Love Tour merchandise profit to Haiti

 ticket holder

cosmetic pouch and ponytail rubber

BIGBANG to help the Haiti earthquake victims by donating 50% of the profit for these 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」 two items. The fund will go to help constructing the facilities in the country.

So,please buy MORE of these two for the good cause to Haiti^^V

Via BIGBANGオフィシャルブログ


[PHOTO]BIGBANG for BSX Wallpapers

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us






[PHOTO]BIGBANG for BSX ::TaeYang::






[INFO]BIGBANG Live Tracks (Tentative) (Limited Edition)

[CD cover image is now printing!]

BIGBANG was awarded Gold Artist Award in "Best Hits Song Festival 2009" and two Best Newcomer Awards from "42 th Japan Cable Award" and "51th Japan Record Awards" after the release of the first major debut album「BIGBANG」.

And here's the live tracks taken from the performance!

Release Date: March 31, 2010

Edition type: CD Album

Record No.: UPCH-9555 / 6

Price (including tax): ¥ 3300

They say that there may be a preview from iTunes Japan (it means that we can also buy it there^^).

We'll keep you posted when the info becomes available.

Stay tuned^^

Via BIGBANG, UNIVERSAL J & Yahoo!ミュージック - 総合音楽サイト


[NEWS]BIGBANG does Japan.All the sold-out tour concerts have finally started

South Korea’s popular dance vocal group, BIGBANG, has held the press conference on February 9, 2010 in the venue of the first concert, Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa. The group members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, SOL, D –LITE and VI, has also attended.

BIGBANG debuted in Korea in 2006 and has reached Korea’s top group since then. They have received a warm welcome for the Japan major debut in June, 2009. At the end of last year, they were awarded a double trophy in the Best Newcomers category in both “Japan Cable Awards” and “Japan Record Awards.”

Now BIGBANG has collaborated with SKY! for the campaign “Ask the Fans for the Song Title”. 1,500 of the first attempt of the titles has been submitted. When VI was asked which title that he like he answered 「May be it’s “Sukidayo” (I like that) 」 and he sang the improvisation「Sukidayo~、Sukidayo~」 . Suddenly D-Lite added 「I don’t think that’s Hirai Ken’s song」and then joked 「Yay! I thought I could sing that song!」 

The tour bus will roam around the city to help promote the concert.

Finally,G-Dragon, the group leader has added a message to the fans that 「We try our best to give the coolest stage design and settings. Please come to show us the love and support in this upcoming event」 

However, SKY! 「Choice is yours」will air the first part of behind the scene, the production of the ads wrapped tour bus and interview of this BIGBANG special program on Sunday 02/28 at 6pm and its second part in March.

Via webザテレビジョン


[INFO]The Making of Shine A Light Book - Release!


This is BIGBANG representative.

Here's the information for the release of the Making of Shine a Light Book.

The book features the production process and the perfomances in G-Dragon's first solo concert.

Including the band and choreography practicing, dressing room and concert rehearsal.

Captured the full detail in the story of passion and the hardwork he gave to the concert.

G-Dragon has his preparation for the first solo concert to share.

That you can feel all the excitement of [SHINE A LIGHT]!

We hope that the fans will love it and give a lot of interest.
  • Presale: 2010/2/12 ~ 25 
  • Release: Friday 2010/2/26
  • Price: KRW18,000

◆Notice: The Making of  Book◆
  • The details specifications of the product is subjected to change
  • The Making of G-Dragon Concert Book [SHINE A LIGHT] is available for the booking at all off-line music store on 02/12

◆ Buyers will get◆
  • The Making of G-Dragon Concert Book [SHINE A LIGHT]
  • 1 G-Dragon poster

Oh,we've booked it!!Can't wait to grab one! *grin*

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[TV]100212 Mezamashi TV (めざましテレビ) Electric Love Tour News

Via under7nacs



[CONCERT Wrap-up] 100210 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」 Day-1 Yokohama Arena

am bloggin' via my moblie, so pls bear with the typo,VIPs^^

the concert lasted about 2.30 hrs, much shorter than BIGSHOW.its like a music + talk^^ love it tho.

set list:

  1. opening: 「ガラガラ GO!!」
  2. 「top of the world」 + mc talked
  3. hallelujah
  4. vi vtr + 「strong baby」
  5. 「wedding dress」
  6. 「turn it up pv」
  7. 「follow me」
  8. 「number 1」
  9. 「stylish」
  10. 「fire」 2NE1 < cl really rocks today
  11. 「i dont care」 < minzy-chan!! *wow*
  12. 「somsatang」 < d-lite on the bike with somsatang^^
  13. 「5 songs medley by d-lite&vi」
  14. 「stay」 *scream*
  15. 「haru haru」 + last year activity summary
  16. 「a boy」 *ma boo*
  17. 「heartbreaker」 *die die die*
  18. 「korean dream」
  19. 「rain is falling」 w-inds omg!!!!!
  20. 「声を聞かせて」
  21. 「lie」 + interview each BIGBANG members on the making of the album in japan^^ T.O.P's killing me!!
  1. 「how gee」 (not so sure ><)
  2. 「my heaven」 
we also spotted mr.yg and aoyama thelma senpai,here!!

well,oyasumi...will be back to edit it later ne (if i have time^^ lol)



[INFO]BIGBANG,G-Dragon & T.O.P go to Yahoo Japan search suggestion!?

All have become the common search terms when people look for the BIGBANG thingy in Yahoo! Japan now.

Welcome to Japan search engine,oppas!

Via Yahoo! JAPAN


[PHOTO]100208 G-Dragon at the airport

The collarbone! *die die die*

Via 지디앤에이치님,y_line_님



[NEWS]「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」Caravan Cheer is on tour!

BIGBANG was at the Yokohama Arena,Kanagawa, today to launch the 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」Caravan Cheer. The ads wrapped bus departs from Yokohama Arena to promote the concert. The design was done by all the BIGBANG member.

D-Lite: "I want to take a look at the design of the tour bus."

When asked about the clash of the idea over the design.

SOL: "Not that at all.We get along well with each other." then added "I love the colors that represent "electric" and "love.""

And when speaking about the concert

G-Dragon: "I hope you will enjoy it !That's a secret, so please be there at the concert!"

VI: "We're looking forward to meet and getting closer to all the fans."

T.O.P: "The contact and getting to know all the fans more is important."

The total production of the concert is expected to reach JPY300,000,000 including the 460 LED monitors to make a 8 m x 40 m big visual screen and fireworks. BIGBANG has scheduled to perform their Japanese singles such as 「MY HEAVEN」「ガラガラ GO!!」「声をきかせて」 plus 20 other of their songs at the concert.

Via スポーツ報知 + スポニチ + SANSPO.COM + nikkansports + daily + BIGBANGがデザイン!


[PHOTO]BIGBANG for Lollipop 2 (Original HQ@1700 x 1133)

[Click the image to enlarge]

Now T.O.P eats the phone!Taste good?

Via LGE PR Team,Korea.Gomawo^^


[INFO]TaeYang is nominated for 2 categories in 2009 Rhythmer Awards

올해의 랩 앨범
드렁큰 타이거(Drunken Tiger) [Feel gHood Muzik]
라임어택(Rhyme-A-) [Hommage]
버벌 진트(Verbal Jint) [The Good Die Young]
언스포큰(Unspoken) [Rainbow 7]
펜토(Pento) [Pentoxic]

올해의 랩 싱글
다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo) - 죽일놈
드렁큰 타이거(Drunken Tiger) - Monster
라임어택(Rhyme-A-) - K-Bonics
산이(San E) - Rap Genius
앤써(Answer) ft. 캐리 다이아몬드(Carey Diamond) – Rising

올해의 랩 아티스트
드렁큰 타이거(Drunken Tiger)
버벌 진트(Verbal Jint)
소울 다이브(Soul Dive)
올해의 DJ
DJ 스케쥴원(DJ Schedule 1)
DJ 웨건(DJ Wegun)
DJ 소울스케이프(DJ Soulscape)
DJ 준(DJ Jun)
DJ 손(DJ Son)

올해의 알앤비 앨범
투에니원(2ne1) [1st Mini Album]
디즈(Deez) [Envy Me]
라디(Ra.D) [Real Collabo]
올댓(All That) [Touch Me]
휘성 [Vocolate]

올해의 알앤비 싱글
(R&B Single of the Year)
투에니원(2ne1) – I Don’t Care
라디(Ra.D) - Sweet Love
올댓(All That) ft. 제이켠(J’Kyun) - Touch Me
정기고(Junggigo) - Byebyebye
태양 – Where U At
(TaeYang - Where U At)

올해의 알앤비 아티스트
(R&B Artist of the Year)

올댓(All That)
올해의 프로듀서

올해의 신인
슈프림 팀(Supreme Team)
올해의 콜라보나찰 & 아이삭 스쿼브 feat. 데드피(Dead'P), 쿤타 & 현무 - Junk Food
드렁큰 타이거(Drunken Tiger) feat. 팔로알토(Paloalto) - 짝패
라디(Ra.D) feat. 정인, 인발, DJ 베이 - 멋있는 친구
리쌍 feat. 장기하 - 우리 지금 만나
블레이져스(Blazers) feat. 제이켠(J‘Kyun) - 한량 Swagger 

수상작 발표: 3월 2일

Bravo!'Cos you deserve it!The hard work really pays out!Yeah!

He's nominated in these categories:
  1. R&B Single of the Year for Where U At
  2. R&B Artist of the Year
2NE1 is nominated in this event also^^

The winner announcement is on March 2, 2010. So,grab 'em all,man!

Team Young Bae!Team Young Bae!No matter what!

Via VIPZ and 리드머 - 대한민국 대표 흑인음악 미디어 :: 2009 리드머 어워드 국내 부문 후보작


[STYLE]2010 BIGSHOW G-Dragon x BBP

It's the off season,09 summer collection DEFRESH Satin Cap in black and neon pink with a strap in the back by BBP (Business Before Pleasure),the NYC based street clothing.

Black and pink is now G-Dragon's fav colorway for the past few months.That MCM custom made pinky rider jacket in 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun is still in my mind.

Not so Upper East Sider,ma boo,looks so much like a rapper from the Bronx,eh?

Via BBP Japan and GD&H


D-1 [PHOTO]100208 spotted the 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」 Caravan Cheer in Shibuya

Can't wait til da D-Day.Gara Gara Go!!



[PHOTO]More on BIGBANG for Fila + Unwrapping BIGBANG Fila - REX HI clip

To be honest, am a devoted Nike sneakers fan for all my life.But am now considering buying a pair of Fila (man, I've just ordered Nike Dynasty High "St.Valentines's Day" last night!Ugghhh).

Via VIPZ & Fila Korea & seungwoo7