【CM】T.O.P photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【CM】DaeSung photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY


【CM】TaeYang photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【ARTICLE】How To Make A BIGBANG In Show Business

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Big Bang: Big in South Korea, yes, but they want a bigger bang
In Japan, the mainstream music industry, and Johnny’s Jimusho in particular, is infamous for unyielding, top-down control of its artists, most notably how and where their images are displayed. Naturally, the explosion of fan Web sites, blogs and social networking sites has threatened to erode that control. In many cases, the industry’s response is to flex its muscles even more. Johnny’s has long forbidden digital photos of their pop idols to be uploaded to even major media sites. We’re talking about official photos that promote a movie or TV show in which the agency’s artist stars.

This set-up works in Japan because, as a rule, the media is beholden to the big talent agencies and labels. But what if, one day, Johnnys’ decides to sell its boy bands to a global market – could it keep the overseas media on a similarly tight leash? When that day comes, the agency would do well to study the track record of Big Bang, a South Korean hip-hop boy-band sensation that has obviously figured out a way to make the series of tubes work to its advantage.

Formed in 2006, Big Bang is determined to milk the Web for all it is worth in its aggressive attempts to market the band’s brand beyond South Korea. While the band has the requisite official sites in both Korean and Japanese, several of the band members have me2day pages where they post tweet-like messages in Korean with attached pictures and video. The band also has an extremely open attitude when it comes to fan sites. Fans around the world run a cavalcade of sites devoted to the band and gather on “VIP” (the self-applied name for Big Bang fans) forums whose theme is to promote friendly fandom and prevent “claim wars.” A Tokyo-based fan group named Team.Bigbang has made the band particularly visible via a Twitter account, Flickr account, Facebook page and Blogspot blog. These sites and forums traffic in high-quality photos, snapshots of the band from what appear to be personal mobile phones and even bootleg concert video filmed by fans.

The net-friendly approach seems to be working: According to Wikipedia, by the end of 2009 Big Bang was the most frequently searched band in South Korea. Although not as famous in Japan as Tohoshinki, who were at the top of the Oricon charts as recently as the end of January, Big Bang has a formidable presence in Japan and their February concert in Yokohama on the Electric Love Tour will air on TBS on March 27.
On the bright side, it would appear that segments of Japanese music industry are tentatively exploring new channels of promotion.  Case in point:  the recent launch of My YouTube. Instead of kicking fans for uploading unofficial videos, the labels are giving them what they want. My YouTube not only shows full-length promo videos from artists such as Koda Kumi, Morning Musum and BoA but also provides fan messages straight from the artists.
Then there are some big-minded artists who are just diving into the social Web head first. Miyavi, a solo rock artist who got his start in visual kei bands, is clearly making use of all online marketing channels. For a start, check out the social networking banner at the top of his Web site. To commemorate the release of his World Tour DVD, he’ll even be broadcasting an hour of live rehearsal online on March 23.

Despite the change in tides, it may still be a while before major Japanese pop groups catch up to Big Bang’s Web growing presence. An easy test of their chances of success should be a quick check of Wikipedia where currently Big Bang has a publicly available photo (used at the top of this post) and Johnny’s bands, such as SMAP and Arashi, have none.

OMG,our blog gets mentioned in The Times? *facepalm and swoon*

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【PHOTO】090620 T.O.P And The Boys' Toys

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Spotted T.O.P giving the interview with Ikuno Ana of FujiTV on his favorite toys.The rapper is donning a prince costume.




【CM】T.O.P photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【CM】SeungRi photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY


【TV】「K-Pop Siblings/Pops in Seoul」DaeSung & K-Will Separated At Birth?

【EVENT】100402 「Eversense BIGBANG Girls Press Conference」 Photos

【CONCERT】G-Dragon 「Shine A Light」 CGV Official Trailer

【NEWS】Jang Hyun Seung And A Present From G-Dragon

In his recent interview Jang Hyun Seung of 『BEAST』,aka ex-BIGBANG or So-1,has mentioned the brotherly love between him and Ji Yong oppa.

There is one fashion item,the star studded belt,that G-Dragon gave it to him.

"G-Dragon hyung gave this gift to me in winter 2005.The star shape is my favorite and I've been using it ever since then."

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It's great to know that Hyun Seung's love and respect in BIGBANG and G-Dragon never fades away through time and it was 5 years ago since they first met!The guy always keeps BIGBANG as his good memory^^

We hope Hyun Seung will be successful in his career path!Hwaiting!

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【CM】G-Dragon photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【INFO】Jardin de Chouette's F/W 10 Collection Inspired By TaeYang

Jardin de Chouette's FW 10 Collection at Seoul Fashion Week 2010

Kim Jae Hyun The Designer walked her owl tee on the runway at SFW

The BIGBANG TaeYang Owl

Kim Jae Hyun with TaeYang

Jardin de Chouette by Kim Jae Hyun's F/W 10 Collection tee with the print signature "Owl" is inspired by hip hop culture and the artist like BIGBANG TaeYang.

The designer names her owl print rocking on a pink CC tilted fitted as "The BIGBANG TaeYang Owl."

We all know that the fitted is TaeYang's trademark since forever and to learn that now it is the inspiration for Kim Jae Hyun's work on the Seoul fashion scene is so wonderful^^

What if TaeYang is spotted in this tee?That is going to be AWESOME,isn't it?

Via VIPZ,Fashion People,OnStylei.com and Cafe de Chouette


【CLIP】Wedding Dress/TaeYang (A Cappella Version Performed By Kopitonez)

So awesome!

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【YG Newsletter】G-DRAGON 『Shine A Light』 DVD Booking

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・ローチケ.com BIGBANG 特設サイト  (PC・モバイル共通)
・ローソン店舗内設置 Loppi端末からも申込可能

ハイチ復興支援URL:こちら  (PCのみ)


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「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR記念フィギュア」の発売が決定しました!

■「BIGBANG ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」ツアー記念フィギュア 商品概要

詳細は、こちらから → こちら

モバイルからの閲覧は下記ローチケ.com  BIGBANG特設サイト からご確認ください。


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【INFO】G-Dragon 「Shine A Light」 DVD Release on 04/20


▶ Booking period: 2010/4/6 ~ 2010/4/19

▶ Booking at: YG E-shop and various on-line music stores

▶ Sale date: 2010/4/20

▶ Price: KRW35,000 (price may be varied depends on your point of purchasing)

▶ The DVD is suitable for 12 years & older/ 2 different versions of the DVD for under 15 years old and uncensored ones will be released



02. Heartbreaker

03. This love


05. Gossip Man

06. My Age Is 13+Storm+Fly Gentleman+G-DRAGON

07. Heartbreaker

08. The Angels Who Lost Its Wings (Roo' Ra (1995))

09. The Leaders

10. Breathe

11. Butterfly

12. But I love u

13. She’s Gone

14. Look Only At Me + Look Only At Me part2

15. Korean Dream

16. 1 Year Station

17. Glory And Agony

18. Lie

19. Last Farewell

20. Heartbreaker (Encore)


01. Shine A Light - Making Film

02. Exploring the Lifes of Ji Yong and SeungRi

03. Exploring the Lifes of Ji Yong and SeungRi - Making Film

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【CM】DaeSung photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY


【CM】SeungRi photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【CM】100404 「Eversense BIGBANG Girls」 Interview on See San Ban Teong + Korean-Thai-English Translation

BIGBANG: Sawasdee krub 「See San Ban Teong」. (Hello 「See San Ban Teong」)

G-Dragon: Thank you for our Thai fans that you don't forget BIGBANG.We haven't seen you for a while and I'm so happy to come here and meet you today.We want to say thank to you all.Pom Rak Fan Chao Thai Mak Mak Krub (I love Thai VIPs so much)

TaeYang: We're so excited to shoot the CM for the first time in Thailand.Thank you for the attention you've given to BIGBANG.

G-Dragon: Speaking of our new album,we're currently working so hard on it.I hope that it will be out in this summer and it's not only the new album,we're also releasing the greatest hits one.So,VIPs,please look forward to it^^

MC:This year is our channel's 40th Anniversary.Can you give us the Birthday wishes?

BIGBANG: Happy Birthday to Channel 3!

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【CM】100404 「Eversense BIGBANG Girls」 Interview on TV Pool Channel + Korean-Thai-English Translation

MC: What is it like to come to shoot the CM for the first time in Thailand?

DaeSung: First off,we've been away for so long.I'm so glad to return to Thailand to shoot the CM.Thank you very much for selecting us as the endorsers.

MC: I've heard that you've got the BIGBANG Girls on the CM.So,what is your type of the BIGBANG Girls?

G-Dragon:The VIP is the right type of the BIGBANG Girls.You only have to have us on your mind and that's enough!

MC: There are many girls who submitted their clips for this contest.Can you give them a word?

TaeYang: We thank you for your clips.We know that you do it because you want to be with us.We'll work hard to give you our good look.Thank you again.

MC: Do you know anything about Thai food?What Thai dish do you like and want to cook it by yourself at home in Korea?

DaeSung: Arhan Thai Aroi Mak Mak Krub!! (Thai food is soooo yummy!!)

MC: Everybody in BIGBANG looks so 100% fit!How do you do to keep yourselves phisically fit?What kind of exercises that you like?

TaeYang: Everything!I can't pick just one.Everybody loves all kinds of exercises.If we have time, we love weight lifting exercises and I think we'll all get sunkissed here!

MC: Is there anything in the show business that you want to take a part in it?

G-Dragon: There's a lots there that we want to do.But,we focused on the solo activities last year.We miss working together as BIGBANG.The new album will be out in this year. Please look forward to it!

MC: Can you give any update on your new album?

TaeYang: We won't tell!We're working very hard on it.I can't tell you right now what kind of music style it is going to be.So,please look forward to it!

MC: One last request,everybody please give a word to the TV Pool Channel audiences.

G-Dragon: To all the TV Pool Channel audiences,thanks for inviting us to Thailand.We miss you all the same.Please support us and don't forget BIGBANG!

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【CM】TaeYang photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【CM】DaeSung photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY

【CM】G-Dragon photo update on 「Lollipop 2」 me2DAY