【EVENT】『BIGBANG PRESENTS ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010』 Photobook Launch & Handshake Report

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When we got there it was so cloudy...the typhoon left Tokyo!Jackpot!

2000 fans gathered in front of Fukuya Ginza and the event process was like I spent 10 second shaking the hands with each BIGBANG member...it went so fasttttttt

T.O.P,Daesung,Taeyang,G-Dragon and Seungri were standing there....BIGBANG!BIGBANG!

Daesung oppa looked a lil bit tired...he's still in the recording process and have to run back and forth between YG studio and SBS while What's Up almost finishes the shooting.

Seungri said "arigatou" to me.His cute Japanese accent and tone !

Taeyang oppa & Daesung oppa just held my hand (they didn't shake it ^^;;) and nodded.Kakkoiiiiii *sniff sniff the perfume*

T.O.P oppa gave me both of his hands,but because I was so excited,so I gave him only one hand to shake!!But,ohhh....his hand is still so soft like a girl's hand!

Then the last person to mention is Jiyong oppa...HAHAHA I grabbed both of his hands very very quick and TIGHT and he returned me the brightest smile...oppa is funny.AISH!butterflies! *blush*

Jiyong oppa said to the press about the album again that it's coming out very soon,but does his word "soon" mean next year?!LOL joking!Somebody please steal his USB flash drive!!!

The photo,concert props and costumes exhibition in the bookstore is really cool,I love T.O.P oppa's McQueen knuckle ring,Jiyong oppa's Pierre Hardy kicks and MCM rider jacket that they put on the display.(*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆



They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.It's so true...I miss their music so much (:



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