【TV】100928 Mnet 「2NE1 TV Season 2」 BIGBANG Cuts

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BIGBANG's new album gon' be so sick!Listen to the beat and melody (:

GD's I Need A Girl dance is hilar!LOL

Translation updated:

YG to Ji Yong who's sitting on the chair.

YG: Don't pay attention to me. Keep on doing it.

At YG's desk

Ji Yong: It's a cat! (He said to a handmade gift to YG from CL)

YG: Should I like this gift or not? I’m a straightforward person...

Ji Yong: It's not easy to make. This is as good as she can.

YG: Oh,I see.That's why it only comes with the head without the body.

Ji Yong: Please tell the other three girls to do the rest and then sew them up together!

YG: OK, I’ll give this to my kid and when it gets dirty, I’ll wash it myself.

Teddy: Nobody's gift ever satisfies him whether it's from Kush or Ji Yong.

YG: Youngbae once cooked me some ramyeon (T/N: 라면/Korean instant noodle).

Ji Yong: He's good at making the ramyeon!

YG: I'm with him for 10 years and he makes me a bowl of ramyeon.I took a photo with it and I'll post it on the blog!

Ji Yong's reading BIGBANG Times

Ji Yong: It's a newspaper for everyone in VIP Japan.

While Ji Yong's aping Youngbae's routines in 「I Need A Girl」

YG: You should greet Youngbae like this when you see him.

YG to the camera

YG: Ji Yong's been producing a lot of songs. Many fans are complaining that why do they don't come out.Anyway,everyone in BIGBANG thinks that it doesn't matter when it drops, but "how" it is going to be dropped is what matters the most.

Ji Yong: I've already got 18 selected tracks and prepared everything. I’m waiting for the other members to come back.

YG: The other BIGBANG members are going back to their homes and relaxing. (T/N: I think it was shot during Chuseok holidays^^)

Ji Yong: I'm the only one left here T_T Where're they? I want them back!

Back in the studio. Ji Yong's sitting.

Ji Yong: My job is like I'm walking up the mountain and when I'm about to reach the top, then "Oh!There's one more mountain to climb!" and I've got to climb it. When I'm up there, then "Oh! It’s not the one that I want to climb and where am I at now?” I've got to walk down and climb another one.

YG: You've got to climb many mountains, so that you'll learn that which one is higher than the others.

While Ji Yong's aping Minji's routines in 「Can't Nobody」

Minji: Since when I dance like that?I never dance like that before.It's not so cool!!

End of translation.

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