【CONCERT】100925 「2010 TaeYang Solo Concert [SOLAR]」 Report: So Splendid Sol

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Taeyang is a living proof that he’s one of the fantastic contemporary R&B singer. Hearing him wrap his voice around these lyrics can feel like suffocation.

The songs get large.

The live band gives this show a shape. It’s made all the songs and performances feel spacious, loud, and brand new. We’ve experienced that Taeyang has finally pushed himself well past his comfort zone of soft, buttoned-up balladry to another level of R&B's greats like Jackson and Gaye.The world's watching him soothing our pain with his edgy notes.

Our today's favorite numbers are 「I Need A Girl 」 that Taeyang did in his natural voice range. The routines were so fierce when he entered the stage. The charms abounded 「Connection」 made us feel like we were back in a Broadway playhouse again and followed by Taeyang's rendition of Usher's 「Slow Jam」 with the collaborator,IU,where happiness flew throughout their lovely set because they were singing "Play another slow jam, this time make it sweet": sheer joy for the listener.

The talk was the heartfelt conversation a soloist could ever have. We feel for him. It’s a tough job to go solo when he's used to have the other four on stage with.Lonely.But,that's how he excel on importing a new value to his musician life.So,don't be afraid of producing the music that matters the most to yourself,Taeyang!

Taeyang completely takes us into his world in making the concert consistently impressive and in that splendid show, it's glorious like his name,The Sun.

Set list:

1. Intro Solar
2. 기도
3. I’ll Be There
4. 죄인
5. Just a Feeling
6. Move
7. Ma Girl

~ Visual on screen

8. You’re My
9. I Need A Girl
10. After You Fall Asleep
11. Connection
12. Slow Jam/Usher performed with IU
13. Better In Time/Leona Lewis performed by IU
14. Baby I’m Sorry
15. Wedding Dress
16. Superstar
17. Break Down
18. I Want You Back/Michael Jackson

19. 나만바라봐

~ Encore

20. Where U At
21. Take It Slow

~ Take It Slow (reprise)
~ The Making of I'll Be There PV

End of concert


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