【INFO】Shaun Blogged About TaeYang's New Album Progress

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Korea. It’s been a while, long time no see. After a good day of reh, Im now at a nice restaurant. Here with the artist and the dancers, I’m having a nice dinner and happy to be in here. For the past days i’ve had a headache and only now is it going away. So I’m glad I can enjoy myself finally. Reh in the new building is great! Everything is designed and decorated. The room where we practice is huge too. I’m definitely jealous an wish I had a place to work like this at home. Excited for what’s to come, but for now I’m going to enjoy dinner.


TaeYang's new material is taking shape bits by bits.The album shoot was on Thursday 10 and this one is all about the rehearsal at YG's place.

We're so anticipating for its release which is dropping anytime now!Anytime!

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