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[[Guide]] LIVE ALBUM [BIGSHOW] & Japanese 4th Single [Tell Me Goodbye] Both Release On 06/23!!


It's YG Entertainment

This is a guide to the release of LIVE ALBUM [BIGSHOW] & Japanese 4th Single [Tell Me Goodbye] Both Release On 06/23


BIGBANG performed in front of the total of 50,000 audiences for three days in January 2010 and also received much praise.

BIGBANG 2010 Concert (BIG SHOW) is now in a live concert album!!

The album features BIGBANG's both domestic and international hits like "Haru Haru" , "Sunset Glow", "Gara Gara Go!!" and "Koewokikasete"

As well as introducing the special new arrangements of the hit song "Lie" (Hitchhiker Remix).’

The bonus CD contains ‘STYLISH (Perry Remix)’ and T.O.P's new song ‘TURN IT UP’.

The Concert Live Album CDs feature the total of 21 tracks.

2010 BIGBANG Live Concert Album [BIG SHOW] is as much brilliant as its concert title
and it has the clear cut feeling like being together in the concert.

▶ Booking period: 17 June 2010 - 22 June 2010

▶ Reservations at: YG E-shop and various on and off-line record stores

▶ Privilege: Every purchase receive a gift poster 1:1

▶ Release Date: June 23rd 2010

▶ Price: ₩ 14,800 (price may vary depending on the dealer)



01. Lie (Hitchhiker Remix)


03. Koewokikasete

04. Hallelujah

05. Strong Baby (Hitchhiker Remix) – SeungRi Solo

06. Where U At – TaeYang Solo

07. How Gee

08. STYLISH - THE FILA (Perry Remix)

09. Somsatang – DaeSung Solo

10. A Fool's Only Tear & I Don′t Understand

11. Foolish Love & Oh Ma Baby

12. Remember

13. Stay

14. Haru Haru

15. Heartbreaker – G-Dragon Solo

16. My Heaven & Fool

17. Sunset Glow


01. TURN IT UP – T.O.P Solo

02. Hallelujah

03. STYLISH - THE FILA (Perry Remix)

04. Lie (Hitchhiker Remix)

★ BIGBANG JP 4th Single [Tell Me Goodbye] ★

TBS TV Japan has come up with the new single as the theme song for the drama [IRIS] that airs this summer.

[Tell Me Goodbye] reflects the maximum drama image with the presentation by BIGBANG.

The song represents the unbelievable combination of the vocal and rap in it to convey the drama sense.

The song was released on the 9th to the public with the MV that features the members in a serious reminiscence of film noir.

It seems so attractive enough that I'm tempted with the surge of ‘blowing through the roof’ feelings by the variety of costumes.

This may offer the elegant charm to you all.

▶ Booking period: June 17, 2010 to June 22, 2010

▶ Reservations at: YG E-shop, YG E-shop and various on and off-line record stores

▶ Release Date: June 23, 2010

▶ Price: ₩ 8,900 (price may be varied depending on your point of purchase.)

▶ JP 4th Single Track List

01. Tell Me Goodbye

02. Hands Up

03. Tell Me Goodbye (Remix)

We're looking forward to your attention and support.

Thank you very much.

Via Daum 카페 | BIGBANG


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