【INFO】Sean Mentioned TaeYang's New Album Progress On Twitter

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Is the wait over?Well,Korean VIPs are speculating something we haven't had the tentative grounds as yet that TaeYang is set to release his new full album at the end of June and if what we've heard from his last interview at 「MTV LIVE 05.30.10」 still validly remains unchanged by YGE.

We can't finalize what the exact date,but when Sean tweeted to confirm that TaeYang did the cover shoot,so the gossip has contained some grain of truth in it.

It's a few weeks to come to the end of this month and World Cup 2010 virus is spreading around Korea.Will TaeYang swim against the big current?Is it the right place,but at the wrong time?And as far as I can recall, even BIGBANG's debut in 2006,YGE had to play it safe with the World Cup (in Germany),too,isn't it?

Anyway,dear,we'll keep you posted of this devoloping story.No matter what.


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