【TV】Seungri MBC 『Sunday Night Carpe Diem』 EP 4 Cuts & EP 5 Preview

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In this EP the mission is to collect a sum money by selling goods like ski equipment, CDs, laptop in the country.

Seungri's funniest phone convo on trying to sell the idol CD box:
Seungri: "What singer do you like the most?"
Granddaughter: "TVXQ"
Seungri: "And who's your second best?"
Granddaughter: "Jo Kwon" (2AM)
Seungri: (frowned) "Do you think that BIGBANG is cool?"
Granddaughter: "Yes"
Seungri: "Who's your most favorite BIGBANG member?"
Granddaughter: "Seungri!"
Granddaughter: "BIGBANG Seungri,what are you doing here?"
Seungri: "I'm here for the sale visit!!"

That brings a laughter!Even Seungri's disappointed with the answers,he tried to find the best possible way to get himself out of the situation!!LOL at Seungri The Survivor HAHA



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