【CM】「EVERSENSE BIGBANG Fan Party」 Interview On RYT9

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The translations:

YB : I'm so glad to see you again.

DS : I'm away from Thailand for a long time. I miss everybody so much.

SR : Hello, I’m Seungri and glad to see you all.

GD : Long time no see. Thank you so much for coming.

T.O.P : I have been away from Thailand for a while. I’ve been waiting for this day. Thank you everybody for showing up here today.

△You've been in Thailand for many times. How do you find Thailand being impressive?
YB : I'm impressed with the summer in Thailand. It is the warmest here.
GD : It's the variety of fruits. Speaking of traveling to Thailand, even if we are here to get our job done, but it feels very much like coming to chillax and we love swimming in Thailand so much.

△Do you have a plan for the next concert in Thailand?
T.O.P : No plans as yet, but if it's about time, I’ll make sure that we'll definitely be touring here.

△BIGBANG have recently worked on the solo projects. Are you lonely? Do you want to work as a solo more than in a team?
YB : I feel lonely when I work for my solo, but I'm happy with it whether it's a solo or a team project because I work as a singer and it's the job that I love.

GD : As a singer, I think if I've got a solo album, I will be able to show all my own charm to the maximum. That’s a good opportunity, but I love BIGBANG and I also love working on the solo project at the same time.

△Is Seungri lonely? You did the stage play and also a solo.
SR : Sure, working solo is a lonely job, but the hyungs have been giving me so much spirit and being so supportive, so I don't feel that lonely.

△BIGBANG are now the seniors and now there're many junior group debuts. Which one has a special place in your hearts?
DS : All of them debuted at this period are so talented. That’s why it pushes us not to stop trying to improve ourselves, being more progressive and be a good example of the seniors.

GD : Every artist is doing it great, but I find 2NE1 so touching to me.I'm so close to them and I talk with them a lot.

△As T.O.P is the first member who has the working experience in acting and Daesung's having one too, have you ever given him any suggestion?
T.O.P : I don't think I'm good enough to give it to him, but when Daesung goes to work I want to see him as cheerful, happy and spend this moment as the opportunity to collect all the good memories.

△When is BIGBANG's new album for all VIPs?
GD : The new album is filled up with great songs. Everybody, please wait for it just a little bit and look forward to it too.

△When will it drop?
GD : I want to know that too (laugh) I can't give you the detail right now, but we're now working on this record thoroughly.

△How exciting is it on a journey to Thailand? Have you anything to surprise VIP Thailand?

DS : I really want to say thank you and we're so touched when we hear the VIPs' scream, we feel that so many VIPs are expecting us and we've prepared the songs to make you happy to the most.

△Are there any careers that you want to do apart from being a singer?
T.O.P : I think I'm good at it, making music and acting is so much fun. It has to be this one in particular.

GD : I second that, I’ll be a singer.

SR: Sure, singer.

DS : I'll be their managers and take care of my friends (smile)

YB : I'll be the stylist and make them look the most handsome. Just kidding, it has to be the singer. If I'm not a singer, I will not do a thing, I’ll stay home. I love this career (laugh)

△Do you have a problem when you work as a team?
T.O.P : We never have any problems because we have the different ages and habit. I sat down and figured it out on the other day that why we do never ever fight with each other. It is because I'm a good-natured man and an awesome leader, so we never get into the quarrels. (BIGBANG all laughing)

DS : (in Thai) Jing jing took tong na krab. (So true, that’s correct)

△T.O.P has collaborated with SE7EN's album, what about BIGBANG's? Do you do the same thing with other artists?
T.O.P: I consider that we don't often have them featured on our record, but everybody also has an artist who he wants to work with on his mind. If we have a chance, we want to give it a try then.

△How does it feel to work for Eversense?
YB : The last time that we came to work here it was so hot that I became speechless.But, this time it's not that hot, so I have so much fun working on it.

DS : Every time I come to work I feel that Eversense cologne smells so good. I want everybody in Korea try to scent it. If it's possible I want to take them back home too.

YB : Daesung doesn't wear the perfume. He uses Eversense instead.

SR : It's sad that we don't have Eversense in Korea (smile)

GD : We shot a cologne and roll-on CM last time, but this one is another story. Please keep your eyes on it

T.O.P: We will shoot a CM tomorrow.Everybody, please look forward to our CM because it has a different concept every single time.

△What will BIGBANG be like in 20 years ahead?
YB: You’ll still see me working on music in that 20 years' time. If I won't do the music then I'll be at home.

DS: Maybe I'll run a Thai traditional massage shop in the next 20 years. Have you ever received a maasage? I’m a team manager now, right? Everybody loves it when I give them a massage.

SR: I'd be a good daddy.

GD: I don't know anything about it in the next 20 years, but after this my dream is about traveling around the world. Maybe I will be roaming across the globe at that time.

T.O.P: I'll be a super mum in the next 20 years (smile)

MC: T.O.P's a mum and Seungri's a dad?

T.O.P: Oh, I’d rather not be like that.

△A word to VIP Thailand, please.
YB: First of all, I thank Eversense for bringing us here and VIP Thailand who gives us a great and warm welcome, even though we've been away for a while, but everybody waits for us and cheer us on. I promise that when it's a concert time here in Thailand, we will give the best show we can for you all.

DS: You make me feel so warm. Every time we're here, VIPs greet us with warmth. It feels like coming back home.

SR: Thank you everybody for coming to the event today. I’ll put all my best into the show for every single VIP.

GD: It's not easy to love the other country's cultures. Thank you very much for giving us your attention. We will work hard until the day our album is released. Please look forward to it

T.O.P: I feel the warm love every time I come to Thailand. I’m so excited and glad to come to Thailand. I want to say thank you to everybody for the love in our music.

(End of the interview)

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