[TV]100117 Family Outing DaeSung Cut

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Tiffany hand gesture to DaeSung: "You die!"
When DaeSung won the 가위바위보 (Kai Bai Bo or Rock-paper-scissors) game over Jong Kook and DaeSung picked KARA Nicole as his teammate but not Tiffany.LOL!

Hyori to Tiffany: "Just friends?"
HyoRi unnie asked Tiffany about her thought on DaeSung.Tiffany insisted that they are just friends, unnie went on and said "Just friends?".This turned Tiffany's cheeks red!Cute!

And guess who?It's KARA JiYoung's here on this Idol Special EP!This turned DaeSung legless and his face became red.She's too sweet to resist,really! *gossip mill's churning.mwahaha*

Via 100117 패밀리가 떴다 대성 편집영상


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