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10/01/22 @ 20:49:41 송지나작가님!왓츠업함께하게되어서정말기뻐요^^앞으로잘부탁드립니다^^한국에오시는날을기다리고있을게요^^

[The author Song Ji Na! I'm glad that I come to work in "What's Up"^^ We'll appreciate it^^South Korea's waiting for me to come^^ ]

10/01/22 @ 22:04:16 프로필 사진을 변경했습니다.
[The profile picture has been changed]

So glad that the drama debut goes fine.Don't work so hard!DaeSung hwaiting^^V

Via 대성님의 글 - [2010년 1월 22일, 금요일]#204941


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