[CLIP]Baek Seung Hee on Kissing and team TaeYang

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Seung Hee was asked in KBS Star Golden Bell what kissing TaeYang in the Wedding Dress PV was like...

MC:Well,did you really kiss each other?
SH:It's just a slight touch of the lips.

MC:How many cuts did it take?
SH:It's about 4-5 times.

MC:What did TaeYang say when you guys have to do that for one more take?
SH:TaeYang's very shy to do so and he's cute.That's why I wanted to bite his cheeks off! Back then,I was a VIP and I didn't even have a favorite BIGBANG member,but after the PV shoot,I'm a big fan of TaeYang!

Via  [re] 스타골든벨에서 태양 언급 영상입니다.


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