[TALK]Aimee Lucas' perspective on each BIGBANG members

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G-Dragon: Leader.

Stylish, motivator, confidence, fearless. I like g-dragon! I always find an item of clothing that I like each time I see him. One day it’s his hat and another it’s his top but most of the time it’s the way he wears it. Plus, he can dance. I think I like his tats most though since I am a supporter of ink myself.

T.O.P.: Handsome.

Tall, awkward, FUNNY yet quiet. Sticks to his diet & eats a lot of fruits. Although he’s not the best dancer or is this ability natural to him, I admire his hard work and determination. He knows when he’s behind and he reviews the steps over and over again for muscle memory…I admire that. So when he gets it right-I praises him.

Youngbae: Sweetheart.

He always makes sure I’ve eaten and that I’m ok or he asks about my day. I like that and he’s always been like that from the get go. A performer, freestyler, confident, loves his fitted caps and I love his Boston terrier. Yes girls…his puppy ‘Boss’ is the cutest! You know who has his brother? KUSH! named ‘Macho’.

Seungri: Dancer.

Eager, willing, student, LOVES dance! He researches on youtube whenever he gets the chance. He knows his material, studies it, and applies it. He makes it a point to call us when Shaun’s in town and learn choreography even if it’s one on one. He’s focused on doing meaningful songs with quality choreography. I admire that! Plus, he has an iPod with a great selection of music in really cute font. LOL!

Daesung: RUM TUM!

LOL…his stage name/character in the musical ‘cats’. I wish I had more time with him but he barely had time to come. Maybe two or three rehearsals total he attended. How hard is that? I wish Shaun and I had some time to go watch his musical in fact but we were leaving a few days later and never had the chance. I’m a big fan of his voice and it works well for Korean folk songs. He is soooo funny, makes the craziest facials (him and TOP) yet is also the quietest. But I admired that he does all the country songs and variety shows.

We find this particular exclusive chat record a closer look on BIGBANG's individual personalities.They're the good-natured musicians who work hard and play hard and ,of course, 100% perfectionists in what they do.

Go read the whole wwlyna x Aimee Lucas chat from wwlyna's blog in her own words.This is a MUST READ for every VIPs!

Via Exclusive Chat Interview with Aimee Lucas


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