[ARTICLE]Remember back in the day BIGBANG beatboxed

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Some might say that they've bypassed hip-hop to hip-pop scene. BIGBANG kicked start the debut day with beatboxing, but now it's long gone from their records and rapping has monopolized its place in merely every corner of their music.

It's understood that nothing ever lasts forever.

Beatboxing is percussion, rhythm and beat in hip-hop made by a machine-like human vocal chord. It gives you the raw, wild and strong emotion when put in the record and helps emphasizing the entire funky atmosphere in the lyrics itself. Beatboxer artists like the late Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake to the g-funk street talented Red have all utilized this form of vocal percussion to make their own sound.

T.O.P is the one in BIGBANG who delivers the dark, deep probing bass tune that gives us goosebumps every time he hits the lower register note. It’s because it is not that easy to find such a "black" sound from an Asian and he does that so flawlessly at the very young age. Ever wonder why he beatboxes or raps without taking a breath?'Cos he does it all at the same time!

The other beatboxer in BIGBANG is no one but frontman G-Dragon. His style is much "whiter" than T.O.P's. Even though GD is a high pitch rapper, this man can "play" with it when it comes to beatboxing. He just simply shifts from one note to another so amazingly quickly on the fly. Natural born beatboxer to us, really.His breathe control is so outstanding we then assume that he's got an empowered pair of the iron lungs!

So, let’s see how awesomey BIGBANG rappers can be at beatboxing in these vids.

We thank all the uploader for their dope YouTube clips. Big hands to them!

TaeYang's turn


DaeSung's turn

GD and T.O.P covered Stronger/Kanye West

That's hella loads of it,innit?We'll be back to add more!Love beatbox!Snare snare!!!!

And,BIGBANG,please bring that back to the next album or solo,if it's possible.We've missed it already!


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