[NEWS]DaeSung to release new solo song "SOMSATANG"

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Today YG Representative had given an interview that

"DaeSung will announce his solo album in the first half of this year,"

"At the end of in this month, DaeSung will release his new solo song titled "SOMSATANG" (Cotton Candy) for all the fans well before the 2010 BIG SHOW Concert"

So,we'd better keep our eyes on the online record store next week.The news said "SOMSATANG" was produced by YG peeps.But didn't mention that it's the song DaeSung produced as we've heard from the news.

He didn't text in G-Dragon's me2day about the concert as we expected. He does more than that!SOMSATANG?Can't hardly wait to taste it at the concert,too!Booyah!(≧▽≦)

Via '패떴' 떠나는 대성, 솔로신곡 '솜사탕' 온라인공개


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