[NEWS]BIGBANG 2010 Calendar goes to iPhone

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BIGBANG releases their iPhone and iPod 2010 Calendar App

YGeShop has put the BIGBANG 2010 calendar for sale for weeks ago and it receives so much love that now it's got published as the iPhone and iPod Calendar App.

This is the first time that BIGBANG challenges the world of iPhone and iPod App market.It was released on January 19 and is $ 2.99.

The calendar features each BIGBANG members dress up in the edgy and unique style with G-Dragon in a baby perm.

YG Entertainment and BIGBANG also announce that the fund raised from the app will go to the charity campaign, WITH.

Go BIGBANG 2010 Calendar App iPhone/iPod Touch to buy the app^^

SeungRi must have it installed in his iPod already,he's such an iPod savvy,innit?

Via 빅뱅, 국내 연예인 1호 아이폰 용 캘린더 출시


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