【TV】BIGBANG & Kara For 「NHK 61st Kouhaku」 Showdown?

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If so,I'm going to miss this one!!

The final selection of this year's Korean artists has come down to BIGBANG on the white team and Kara for the red one.But,It's not officially announced by NHK as yet (if BIGBANG won't show up I still have ARASHI,anyway...LMAO)

I'm not sure about this one becuase BIGBANG and YG Entertainment has already turned down many Japan music event invitations.In my opinion,Kouhaku is a great opportunity to get your music creativity idea and live performance to the mass public audiences all across Japan and,of course,gain more popularity and record sales.But,BIGBANG's facing a major time constraint for their Korea comeback.So,I'll wait until the full line up acts come out!!

Note: Kouhaku (short for Kouhaku Uta Gassen or Red & White Song Battle) is a big year end music event in Japan arranged by NHK.They form 2 most popular music teams and then let them battle on the New Year's Eve night.It's usaully the male artists on white and female on red team.Kouhaku's the legend music show in Japan TV history and have the highest TV rating.The artists who attend this will get a lot of popularity nationwide and it's their lifetime career highlight.

More info is available on the official website or follow Kouhaku on Twitter (Japanese)

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