★★【SPECIAL】Message From SeungRi - Congratulations For BIGBANG 4th Anniversary★★

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Congratulations for 4th year anniversary,BIGBANG

BIGBANG~~ congratulations for the 4th year anniversary!!!~~^^

My brothers~ we will go for 10 years.. 20 years... 50 years... 100 years!!!!!!!!!All 5 of us together^_^

And I'm going to give a gift for our VIPsㅎㅎㅎ

It's my cool photo that I've just taken ~~~~~~~

Do you miss me?^^ I do miss you... from the heart

Please hold on just a little bit ....huh..


Look upon my photo VIP and cheer up~~

I've got to go ~~^^ -Seungri-

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Long live 1,000,000 years,BIGBANG!And sexy Seungri,come back to Twitter!!



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