[CLIP]BIGBANG mix 'n' mashup by Alikstae

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As we all know that DJing is also G-Dragon's favorite pastime that shines a light in "Korean Dream" and "This Love" live performance. GeeDee also endorsed Pacemaker, a pocket-size DJ system and disc jockey mixer, in which we're so sure that he's got one to play with when he's on the road.

I love DJing too much til it becomes the passion of life. It's fun to twist your fav tune, add some rad beats and see how other peeps react to it at the party. Here, we’ve found that Alikstae's work is packed with colorful and glittering mix in it. You see, BIGBANG music is wonderful in many ways as long as it's in our VIP radar^^


Via alikstae


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