D-7 [NEWS]Tix to Electric Love Tour 2010:ALL SOLD OUT

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No alarms and no surprises.

The tix price that goes to Yahoo Japan Auction can be as crazy as JPY225,000 (original price is JPY8,000,now you do the math!) and if you buy the auctioned tix, you're NOT allowed to see BIGBANG in concert here as quoted by the (scary) concert guidelines that says "The ones disappointed the most to find there are people who do not follow the rules, will be BIGBANG."

Good news is, there's more standing tix available at every venue except the one in Kobe World.SO BE QUICK!

See you at the concert,VIPs.Drink a lot of water if you plan to dance and scream for all 3 hours long! Wave the light stick up high,but not on ma head! (the admin has spared the stick for T.O.P, he hasn't got one yet.Mwahaha)



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