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YG Bounce: You mentioned being too short – I did notice that you usually dance for YB but never for G-Dragon, even though you choreographed a few of his songs. Does it depend on the style each artist is going for, or is it just a standard thing in the industry to have about the same build as the artist you’re dancing for?

Shaun Evaristo: every artist is different. some are picky some aren’t, GD needed a different look and so we went with that. the total package…..fashion, sound, style, swagger, etc. GD’s performance needs to match his style and energy, so for him… everything is a factor. as for YB, me and lyle dancing for him was a good look, we 3 were on the same page and went for it. lyle and my style mesh pretty well so whatever us 3 wanted is what came out. as you know YB loves to dance, and isn’t about being flashy, at least in my opinion. he’s about what he likes and what he wants to put out. just real with it, and i respect that.

SE's such the good inspiration to follow your dream and be original in your own way!D.O.P.E.!
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Via YG Bounce interview with Shaun Evaristo


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