[INFO]G-Dragon 「Shine a Light」 DVD release,jjang!

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G-Dragon's first solo concert 「Shine a Light」 is now in DVD! 

Here's the release info I've got from kan-kan (a Korean DVD import webshop in Japan).Since there's no official info from YGeSHOP and YGEJ (YG Entertainment Japan),I think it's exciting to watch the whole show all over again at home^^

The DVD is available only on booking with NO subtitles in Japan and can be played only on a Region 3 DVD player (see if it's can be played at your home here).It's due to out in February (not May,sorry for the typo,if you read our tweets^^).

The worse news is that they're going to delete the controversial songs off the show (Breathe,Korean Dream and She's Gone) which I think that they are the CRUCIAL portions of 「Shine a Light」,in order to avoid any law infringement that may happen.

I'm so hopeless with YGE's decision on this matter.There's no other way to watch it uncensored?Without those three songs, 「Shine a Light」 is not a complete feast for the VIPs eyes.Can you release it somewhere else outside South Korea jurisdiction,huh?C'mon!

Oh, and don't forget to watch the show on TBS on 02/13 at 23:00.

Via copu san and Kan-Kan


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