【CONCERT】BIGBANG × Friends Of The UN 「Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance With Music 2010 」 Report

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BIGBANG performed live at Universal Studios, Osaka in the exceeding heat! *sweating*

The concert started at about 17:00.

Almost all the light sticks spotted there are sticking up in the air by VIPs!

They performed ガラガラ GO!!,Number1,How Gee, Beautiful Hangover, and 声をきかせてencore: Hands Up

It's my 2nd time to watch they do Beautiful Hangover ;]

Well,some alcohol still remains in my blood vessel!!hahaha

The 1st time was on 07/20 at Fuji TV 『MUSIC FAIR』 taping which is so epic!DaeBak!

This tape will be air on 07/31 at 18:00...so don't miss it!

Beautiful Hangover keeps growing into me like many of BIGBANG Japanese singles.

I'm so curious about the lyrics, Pori and Ping Ping assume that it should be T.O.P's solo single because of his signature tempo is flying around, but I think it's so much like a G-Dragon-certified high-powered dance beats (oh,yeah,hello GD-bias!!LOL).

The meaning is lovely! A catchy song to die for this summer like ガラガラ GO!! had done last year.

SeungRi's English vocal at the start is wayyyy better!!

If you love Hands Up, this piece will make you love BIGBANG more!more!

It will be out next month...I hope that they'll be back to PR it in Japan!!PV about how a hangover can be beautiful? So that I don't have to stay sober like 24/7!

Black and white outfit is here to stay with BIGBANG.Today they are in this monochrome colorway again...

I think it's a microphone or speakers probs, this time is with GDYB ;[ (not SeungRi as usual) that even makes them sing and rap off-pitch in ガラガラ GO!!

Well,there's also a talk...surprise!!

MC talked with SeungRi is so much hilars,a normal phrase like  

「It's nice to be here in Osaka」

And then he adopted a Justin Bieber blink with a cunning smile had me laughed until my face was hurt.

He's so filled up with his youth energy!

Maknae can have a future career as an MC here ke ke ke

Pori, our SeungRi nuna VIP, you’d better propose marriage to him before it's too late!

Young Bae oppa never misses to drop the bomb at Osaka when he said  

「It's 35 degree in Osaka today!But,now I'm even hotter than that just because of YOU!!」


Ji Yong oppa's Kansai dialect is very cute. He loves trying on a new thing, apparently!!

Ji Yong oppa today looks so healthy tan wearing sleeveless tee, beanie, black aviator shades, no make-up (??) and maybe glowing sunscreen, when exposes to max heatwave, his cheek always gleams like some sweet red pepper, but never took that beanie off...ahhh!

T.O.P never changes! Long-sleeve in summer?

Why did he dress up like it's autumn already...gahhh and when he did the rap flow in the last song, Hands Up, he’s sweating like mad, but looks so fresh like the yellow Big Bird in USJ!

D-Lite is very generous! He threw a face towel to the crowd, even though he's sweating and his tee was soaking wet with sweat...that chest popping in the wet gear is hmmm...indescribable. Don't stop being fun and sexy...just don't stop!!

BIGBANG was back to donate the fund for Haiti quake victims. They wore the white Haiti tee and Young Bae oppa gave some nice comment to the cause that catches everyone's heart!

When Mitamura-san of UN said 「Thank you very much,BIGBANG」 and 「Congratulations to BIGBANG」

SeungRi nicely answered 「こちらこそ!こちらこそ~!」 (You're welcome. It’s our pleasure) and he placed his hand on his chest...that's very touching ;]

SeungRi's USJ Snoopy headband is kawaii, but he shortly took it off during the ceremony!!Put it back on! Put it back on!

T.O.P's still in autumn, sported a long sleeve tee under the Haiti one...OK, I give in on seeing your bare nice arms this time!! *clench my tooth*

Special thank to BIGBANG stylist for the entire summer wardrobe while they are working in Japan (except T.O.P's!!Gotta drag him home and send him out to some onsens around here just for once!!) XD

That's our hot day with five hot mess ikemen from Seoul.We will be seeing BIGBANG again on Monday at Odaiba US.It gon be all heated up because of their popularity is surging higher and higher these days...though not so many people recognize BIGBANG when they are out shopping in Shibuya in the rush hour,but that's Tokyo after all.LMAO!!


Photo credits: BIGBANGさんのなう | Amebaなう(アメーバなう)


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