【NEWS】T.O.P On Emergency Rush After Eye Injury Filming 「71 - Into The Fire」

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T.O.P who has taken the role as the soldier student in the film titled 「71 - Into The Fire」 is now sharing his close to blindness and breathtaking experience of the corneal (eye) injury.

He gave the interview to Money Today: Star News that "While filming 「71 - Into The Fire」 it looked like my left eye had got accidentally injured." he said "I rushed myself to the emergency room in a hospital to have it checked."

"It was in the middle of the shooting and it was so cold on that day.My black cornea in the eye part was hurt" and continued "the doctor told me that if the bruise was just a little bit deeper than this,I would be blind."

"I could not hardly open up my eyes or go around when I had the protective lenses on.It felt like I had to say my prayer every time I rolled my eyes." 

It's the first time for T.O.P to joins the war movie such as 「71 - Into The Fire」 which is like the other ones that they come with the blast in shooting action scenes and sometimes the casts suffer some little or big injuries.

T.O.P told us that "I'm always aware that I don't want to get injured.But when I returned to the hotel for a bath and I took off my clothes,then I would find that I'd got some bruises, wounds or I'd ripped myself open somewhere."

"When you are still young and you think about that,I enjoy working hard and don't get any hurt.It was the moment that I'm so thankful." T.O.P said "I'm okay.Fine.It's painless now" with a laugh.

「71 - Into The Fire」 is the 11.3 billion won production.T.O.P stars Oh Jang Boem,the head of the soldier students.The film is coming to the attrction in this June.

Never heard it before that T.O.P oppa gets hurt in the shoot.We do worry about his health.Work hard and work smart ahh,oppa ;[

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