【NEWS】BIGBANG TaeYang's Opinion On Kim Yu-Na "I Don't Want People To Worry"

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The idol group BIGBANG gave the opinion on Kim Yu-Na the Figure Queen.

They said it on KBS 2TV Entertainment Tonight that aired on May 15 which featured the making of the World Cup song with Kim Yu-Na.

"Working together with the world class hero was like pumping up the energy" said Taeyang and then he suddenly added "Kim Yu-Na worries that the BIGBANG fans will not like her." He ended "we don't want anyone to worry about it at all" with a chilling remark.

"I'd like to play and have some fun (with Kim Yu-Na).SeungRi put his hands on her shoulders.He said he would never wash them!" G-Dragon revealed.

That's the scene where SeungRi and TaeYang had to protect Kim Yu-Na as her own bodyguards and DaeSung had done a solo single shot with her,but it was in a humiliating concept and caused a wide laugh instead.

Kim Yu-Na and BIGBANG (G-Dragon,TaeYang,T.O.P,DaeSung and SeungRi) have joined forces together for the World Cup song 「SeungRi Ae HamSeouk」 that was released as a digital single on May 11.

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