【MERCHANDISE】「BANGS BOOK」 Release Information

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Hello,this is BIGBANG representative.

Here is BANGS BOOK release information.

In 2009,in order to be closer to the fans,we have made BANGS.

This time,you will meet the whole new BANGS BOOK.

BANGS sections have been published for many episodes so far.

It has also released the X-File image cuts of the camp ground of BIGSHOW 1 day 2 nights.

BANGS will be showing its original images that you are waiting for.

BANGS BOOK will be launched by our popular cartoonists people who illustrate a picture of BIGBANG .

It features the rare photos and congratulations messages from BIGBANG.So,don't miss BANGS BOOK!!


- BANGS Introduction

- BANGS Charactors Relationship


- BANGS Anything You Want To Ask!! (BANGS Q&A)

- BANGS Original Images, BANGS + BIGBANG Picture Album

- BANGS Fan Arts

- Making Story : BANGS Mini Collection

- BIGBANG Comics [BIGSHOW 1 Day 2 Nights X-FILE]

- Congratulations Message 1 : The popular cartoonists who illustrate BIGBANG!

(Luna, Park Hee Jung and Jeong Hye-Na)

- Congratulations Message 2 : BIGBANG rare photos + BIGBANG's congratulations message

◆ Celebrating the BANGS BOOK Launch SPECIAL EVENT ◆

- Memories letter writing !! Letter to BANGS!

BANGS FAN of BANGS and BIGBANG, let's write a fan letter and mail it to YG address.

We will draw 10 lucky letters and you will receive the B-School Set with BIGBANG signatures on it.

◆ BANGS BOOK EVENT for the customers◆

- BANGS BOOK comes with a BANGS pen as a gift 1:1

◆ Information on schedule and price ◆

- Pre-sale date : 2010/5/19 ~ 2010/6/2

- Sale date : 2010/6/4

- Available at : YGeSHOP & On and Off-line music stores

- Price : KRW20,000

- Number of pages : 300 pages

- Gift : BANGS PEN


- BANGS SEASON II will begin the stories all together again!!

We look forward to your attentions.



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