[NEWS]"We want to see the Korean fans" - BIGBANG

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UFO messages from BIGBANG's three gorgeous vocalists^^


“BIGBANG keeps repeating the words “I miss you” to the fans so many times on these days.”

“We don’t have the Korean album out and we’re dying to see the fans. The word “I miss you” is what we speak a lot”

“When we are in the foreign country, there comes a lonely and difficult times. I really want to see how the Korean fans are doing.”


“Since “Family Outing” aired, it has raised so many questions about my cooking skills, but I never really cook on the show.”

“To be honest,I don’t even know the recipes or how to cook. From now on, I will try to cook for BIGBANG and have them tasted it.” <<< (No, DaeSung, please. NOOOO!!!!)

TaeYang on his recent single “Wedding Dress”:

“If I have to sing “Wedding Dress” on my wedding day for the person that I love, it’s a disaster.”

Am so scared when I've learned that DaeSung will "cook" for BIGBANG.This guy never really cooks, he just poured too much soy sauce in the pot or put some chicken into the non-boiling water or placed an empty pot on the burning stove or left the kimuchi burned on the frying pan.

I wanna ask DaeSung to stay away from the BIGBANG kitchen, go dine out and have some deliciuos ramen!Mwahaha.

Via 빅뱅, “한국 팬들 보고 싶어 죽겠어”


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