[CLIP]100124 Family Outing DaeSung Cuts

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KARA JiYoung made the text gossip clear that she wanted to get to know DaeSung and then she's got his number from Goo Hara who's a friend of SeungRi (they went to the same school in the hometown,Gwangju).So, she texted DaeSung that "DaeSung oppa,I hope we can become closer (be friends)" and he turned her down.

While saying so she pointed a finger at DaeSung and went on that he was the MC in the music chart show (MBC Music Core with SeungRi) and they bumped into each other so many times,anyway, he tried to avoid her.

DaeSung took his turn and said that JiYoung really texted him when he was at the shoot (Family Outing launch), so he texed her back saying that "Am now at the shoot,I'll work hard" and he wouldn't take this relationship any steps further.Period.

It seems like one more hammer is down on DaeSung when SNSD YoonA also comfirmed his "say-no" act that she's got a chance to talk to Mr.Smiley on the show and asked him to be friends,but when they met each other at the studios - he just didn't even notice her!

Maybe DaeSung doesn't really wanna get married like when he gave the interview in ANAN?! He called it a stop to two girls already.Who's next? Uee?

Via 100124 패밀리가떴다 대성 편집영상


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