[NEWS]DaeSung to give away real free "Cotton Candy" at 2010 BIG SHOW

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DaeSung sends the love back to VIPs in 2010 BIG SHOW by giving away real free “솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) as a gift.

On this upcoming 2010 BIG SHOW that’s to be held on January 29 – 31, 2010.At the concert venue, Seoul Olympic Stadium, will be 10 cotton candy makers serving some 5,000 cotton candy to the audiences for 3 days straight and hope 15,000 recipients will be able to taste it.

"솜사탕"(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) was released on January 26 and is topping many music charts like Naver Music,Daum and Bugs. So,that’s how DaeSung shows the VIPs his love in return.

YG Representative said that "솜사탕"(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) offers all new music different style apart from BIGBANG and YG never expects anything from it that much. We’re a little bit worried that it won’t receive much interest.”

“Staring on January 29, 2010, we want the audiences to enjoy this giveaway sent from our hearts.”

“We hope you all enjoy the real free "솜사탕"(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) giveaway together at the concert”

DaeSung’s “솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) is a pop jazz song and is a total makeover of DaeSung who has the trot (Korean country music) idol singer image for quite some time.

Via 대성, 빅뱅콘서트서 진짜 ‘솜사탕’ 나눠준다


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