[FULL COVERAGE]Somsatang (Cotton Candy)/DaeSung: New digital single + download link

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It is YG Entertainment.

“Look at me, GwiSon” and “Daebakiya” has entertained the whole nation and now DaeSung’s SOMSATANG (COTTON CANDY) is also here for you all.

Here is a digital single release information for the sweet of falling in love.

While preparing to release his first solo album in the first half of 2010, this one will not be featured in the new BIGBANG album.

We try to offer you a variety of composers to help DaeSung in creating the song together with him and January 26, 2006 is its first release day of SOMSATANG (COTTON CANDY).

SOMSATANG (COTTON CANDY) is a comfort and emotional song and DaeSung eager to directly keep his style in it.

The lyrics is engaging, in the middle of the song DaeSung adds his charming sound and straightforwardly shows the ballad.

We love this song. It compares a woman to cotton and its warmth easy listening melodies in the husky voice.

DaeSung’s vocal is very compelling for many people to hear nothing can discourage his mind and he carries on creating a smile on your lips.

“You’re like my cotton candy. My heart melts. Watching you’re being fluffy makes me melt.”

In the meantime, it’s like you don’t know how you can find his hidden emotions

Look for DaeSung’s SOMSATANG (COTTON CANDY) by YG Entertainment from Melons, Mnet, Soribada, Bucks and Naver

It’s available free of charge for three day starting January 26 to 28 and on January 29 it will be changed to a paid service.


- The title track: SOMSATANG (COTTON CANDY)

- Online venders: January 26, 2010 11:00 a.m. at the online record stores

- Free Services: January 28, 2010 until midnight

- Paid Services: January 29, 2010

January 29 to 31 at BIGSHOW 2010 is the first stage performance of this song in front of the audiences.

We look forward for your interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

- Written in the bulletin by YG Entertainment, any modification is prohibited.

- The Bulletin board is not responsible for the damage caused.

More from DaeSung on his YG Gallery Page.Cloudy and rainy?

And by the time it's released,it goes straight to No. 3 on Melon Live and No.1 on Mnet charts.Yatta!

*throw confetti*


Wow! The song is very jazzy to my ears. The vocal is luscious husky.DaeSung's voice quality never fails us and I really love the lyrics he wrote, it reflects his own personality as a good-natured person^^

So,keep repeating "nogayo" (melt) for 10 times. ke ke ke^^V

Go here to download.It's free until the BIGSHOW days!


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