Message from BIGBANG SeungRi.Hi!Greeting from Japan

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The SeungRi day in Japan makes me feel some difference!

It's been such a long time that I've written here.

^^ Everybody,how are you!!!?

It's a little bit strange that I used to write this in the VIP ZONE,but now am writing it here


After BIGSHOW ended in Korea

We've come to Japan

We're on tour! ^^

We've a major debut here and now we're touring the country!

We've got such a great feedback from the Japanese fans..  that surprises me...

VIPs Korea are so much excited, enthusiastic and screaming out loud so awesome, but 

VIPs Japan focus on the show, try to remember and absorb every bits of it

And they wave their hands. It's like that ^^

It's different! That sounds funny!!!!!!!!I think it can be a really fun concert

Do you want to come!!? At this time BIGSHOW

All members feel guilty ... we have no new album ㅜㅜ we could not sing you the new songs

I am so sorry....

But we've got to prepare for the great comeback this year!!!

I'm at the concert in Yokohama and I'm going to Kobe in Osaka...

I'm now at the hotel... ^^  The scenery is so good

It's about the Valentines' Day.... I wanna give you some chocolate as a gift... ㅜㅜ

How can I do that???????

I want to..... does everyone love chocolate??^^

I gon try my best to sing here in Japan

!!  I've got some great stuff for VIP Korea also!
Am on my way!

See ya!!

My precious thing~!!!!

Precious.. Are your arms starting to bind with each other?ㅋㅋㅋ

It's ok!!! ㅋㅋ


Good night^^ !

Oh,my VI!That so super cute! *arms binding* ke ke ke

Via Daum 카페


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