[NEWS]「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」Caravan Cheer is on tour!

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BIGBANG was at the Yokohama Arena,Kanagawa, today to launch the 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」Caravan Cheer. The ads wrapped bus departs from Yokohama Arena to promote the concert. The design was done by all the BIGBANG member.

D-Lite: "I want to take a look at the design of the tour bus."

When asked about the clash of the idea over the design.

SOL: "Not that at all.We get along well with each other." then added "I love the colors that represent "electric" and "love.""

And when speaking about the concert

G-Dragon: "I hope you will enjoy it !That's a secret, so please be there at the concert!"

VI: "We're looking forward to meet and getting closer to all the fans."

T.O.P: "The contact and getting to know all the fans more is important."

The total production of the concert is expected to reach JPY300,000,000 including the 460 LED monitors to make a 8 m x 40 m big visual screen and fireworks. BIGBANG has scheduled to perform their Japanese singles such as 「MY HEAVEN」「ガラガラ GO!!」「声をきかせて」 plus 20 other of their songs at the concert.

Via スポーツ報知 + スポニチ + SANSPO.COM + nikkansports + daily + BIGBANGがデザイン!


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