【NEWS】BIGBANG's Recording Is In Progress

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The BIGBANG comeback rumor spreads like a wildfire on-line and off-line,it must contain some grain of truth to keep the rumor mill going non-stop and send many VIPs to frustration day and night,in a piece of news regarding to 2NE1 follow-up promo plan on this halloween,YG representative gave a short word on how BIGBANG are doing right now.I omitted the part that's not BIGBANG related.

"The members have been working hard on the recording everyday.At this state,a lot of good songs are done.After they've been away for a long 2 years' time,they're concentrating on producing a good records more than anything else."

I have no reasons to rush them for the comeback,not just because everybody else is releasing their albums like it's a K-Pop fest out there on a daily basis.It will drop when BIGBANG feel that it's the right time and the market will be always ready to embrace them.So,sit back,chillax and let them work their way.

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