【INFO】101019 TaeYang Tweets: Finished Recording!

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@codeboram 형도 다운 받아~~ 연습해서 나중에 나한테 검사받아!!ㅋ - [Re:] http://moby.to/h9d8gh
@codeboram Downloaded it,hyung~~ I'll practice and check it back later!!ㅋ - [Re:] http://moby.to/h9d8gh

@jg7321 정란 누나구나^^ㅋ 반가워요
@jg7321 Jeong ran noona^^ㅋ Nice to meet you

@aimeeleelucas Aims!! R U IN JAPAN?? How long do you stay there..??

@aimeeleelucas Aims... I'd like to send DM to you..:( check to see if you're following me !

I'm learning to use twitter now.. it's so hard to me :( I have to go to sleep.. 8 am .. OMG!!!! Good morning everybody!!

@officialse7en 화이팅 형!! 녹음 끝나구 트위터 좀 공부하다 이제 자려구여^^ Good luck!!
@officialse7en Hwaiting,hyung!!I finished recording,learned Twitter a little bit and going to bed now^^ Good luck!!

It's great when our timeline is being flooded with Taeyang and his people tweeting back n forth!Plus a snipplet of the new album?!?

Via @Realtaeyang


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