【CONCERT】『Summer Sonic 2010』 BIGBANG Is Mentioned In The Japan Times Online & Pollstar

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"In that regard, Korean boy band BigBang's set provided some of the best hip-hop of the weekend, which may sound blasphemous given that Nas and A Tribe Called Quest were also in the house. BigBang were another late addition, and to anyone who dismisses boy bands as a matter of course they were a revelation. Light years more accomplished than any counterpart in Japan, where K-pop acts are seen as a serious industry threat, BigBang do everything in fluent English and Japanese, so the audience had no trouble relating."

"However, Korean boy band BigBang was definitely one of the high points of the festival."

Philip Brasor

It's great to know that they've such a great feedback from the press.It's a long way to go in Japan!I hope that their hardwork will be widely received as a good move here^-^

Note: The Times is Japan's leading and long-established English newspaper and Pollstar is the in-depth concert industry publication for more than 25 years.


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