【NEWS】BIGBANG For Friends Of The UN's 「Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance With Music 2010 」 Live At Universal Studio,Osaka

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According to BIGBANG Official Fan Club, VIP Japan e-mail, BIGBANG will have the outdoor live stage in 「Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance With Music 2010 」 the detail as following:

Event title: Friends Of The UN's 「Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance With Music 2010 」
Theme: Music as the universal language that will express the importance of tolerance and peace!
BIGBANG stage date: July 24 (Sat) at 15:00
Doors open: 14:00
Venue: Universal Studios Japan Special Venues ,Osaka, Japan
Price: ¥ 7,800 (including tax) for USJ Pass /One-day ticket (¥6,100) and ticket to participate in the ceremony and live concert (¥1,700)
VIP JAPAN lottery application period: 2010/6/11(Fri)18:00~2010/6/14(Mon)23:59
Event HP: Global Tolerance with Music 2010 (PC)

The event concept is to gather top artists representing Japan (Miliyah Kato) and Asia (BIGBANG and Choshinsei (Choshinsung or Supernova)) and giving the world a message on tolerance and peace through the music.It will be held on a special outdoor stage live at Universal Studios Japan and BIGBANG will also join the Friends of the UN’s ceremony there.

Oh,Elmo,Cookie Monster,Snoopy and Shrek,time to go back to see you all again!HAHA and BIGBANG,too!



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