【STYLE】Who Wore It Better?BIGBANG G-Dragon VS BEG Ga-In

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G-Dragon at 『Ting and Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009』 on March 1,2010

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Ga-In at 『Barefoot Dream premier』 on May 28,2010

Abracadabra!Spotted two K-pop A-listers BEG Ga-In and BIGBANG G-Dragon are all rocking Balmain Cotton and Wool Jacket with Embroidered Badge at work.

Is it who-wears-it-first-win or it-depends-on-who-you-ask,kid?

And as the world's most harmless bunch of VIPs here,we're team G-Dragon...just saying *shrug and adopt a naughty grin*

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