【EVENT】BIGBANG 「Dramatic Live Stage 『IRIS』」 my head just spinnin' round round round round♬♫

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Just got back from Osaka and it was the afternoon filled with fun!I can't go to sleep!My cheeks are about to explode! *facepalm*

Nana is a driver today (I'm so proud of her that ,finally, she can drive solo to Osaka^^)

We've got the seats in the second row from the front and the Osaka Jo Hall is GREAT in every aspect!Today there are maybe 9,000 people who came to the event.I asked the TBS guy and he told me that the tickets are all sold-out very fast.I've seen many FC like LBH,KTH and our VIP JAPAN were out there on this cloudy day.

There is also BIGBANG and IRIS official merchandise on sale at the venue.Nana bough a T.O.P yellow light stick and phone charm.They're so cute!

Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Tae Woo were great at singing (I don't know that are they also the singers in Korea or not?!)! The fans greet them very very well and waving the light sticks all through the concert.

BIGBANG today was so much alive and kicking.They performed ♬♬ 「ガラガラ GO!!」 「Hallelujah」 and 「Tell Me Goodbye」.T.O.P oppa was like a horse, he kept jumping and running around like crazy,but we love that,it's so much like what he did at the BudokanლU(✰(エ)✰ლ)U

It's our first time to see they perform 「Tell Me Goodbye」 live,so we were all excited when Ji Yong oppa was spinning his hand while doing his rap line "round round round round" and we are blessed today that he walked over where we were seated quite often *swoon-worthy* Nana drooled and smiled from one ear to another.LMAO

D-Lite oppa's voice is soo~~~ sweet and he waved back to the audiences very politely.We've noticed that his hair is back to normal after the long battle with the rain on Monday!!

I've to admit that I've got a big crush on SeungRi from the FIFA concert day <333 and when I saw that smile in person,I lost myself.I never fancy SeungRi before,but his chest tone when he hits the lowest notes in 僕は自分を責めるよ and 何もかも見失う lines is SUGOIIIII.He almost made me cry my happy tear!♐------❤ SeungRi (*≧m≦*)

Our man of the day is Young Bae oppa,I think that he's not OK from what we saw at the airport last night,but when he went on stage,he got rid of all of his fatigue,sang and danced as though he was a fully charged toy which is so amazing.What have you had this morning?Red Bulls?

That's all for the show today^^ BIGBANG will be performing in Japan in MTV (May 29 & 30) and two more 「Dramatic Live Stage 『IRIS』」 in Saitama (June 1).Expecting more fun en route!

Good night from Tokyo^^


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