【STYLE】G-Dragon × Christian Louboutin

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Spotted at

『Flo Rida Concert,May 22,2010』

What G-Dragon wore

Christian Louboutin Mens Footwear Spring/Summer 2010 Black 『Studded Louis Sneakers』

Hot or Not

Stud on this,stud on that.Studs are everywhere from head to toes.GeeDee is spotted rocking on his edgy kicks with these spiky little things and they may look like a rebel without a plan in k-pop scene,but I don't care.As long as the man pulls these pair off quite well with his simple,streamlined and basic look,everything will be okay.Even though,there's something missing in the usual Heartbreaker show in a concert...the get-down-on-the-knees!

Aigoo,I need a serious saving for my next pair of red soles Louboutin pumps fo'sho!!!

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