[TV]DaeSung to fill in T.O.P's role in "Zero Plus"

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DaeSung is going to cast for the role in “Zero Plus” TV drama.

YGE stated “DaeSung is scheduled for a role in “Zero Plus”,” then added that “T.O.P is not the BIGBANG member who is available for the part in it.”

Though the screenwriter, Song Ji Na, had recently mentioned on her official website that she “is not content with the idol as an actor,” which can be implied to no one but BIGBANG DaeSung.

"Zero Plus,” the remake of 81 Episodes SBS 1999 smash hit “KAIST” (short for Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), is based on a love story of the theatricals college student and due to air in June this year.

Via 빅뱅 대성, 드라마 '제로플러스' 캐스팅


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