[NEWS]YG office relocation scheduled in late January

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BIGBANG and 2NE1 are all set to move into their new YG office building to celebrate the upcoming Korean Lunar New Year Day next month (it’s on 10/02/14 which is also the Valentine's Day plus BIGBANG Electric Love Tour period in Japan)

All YG Family members such as BIGBANG,2NE1,Se7en and Gummy will relocate in this 7-storey office built by the Han River in Hapjeong-dong,Mapo-gu district around the end of January this year.

The company stated that the old office space, also in the same area, which it has rent since 1997 becomes less convenience for YG to expand its own office operation and so does the recording studios.

The new place is worth ₩ 10,000,000,000 with the size of 2,078 square meters and will house YG headquarter, offices, rehearsal rooms and music recording studios and other facilities that represent the unique style of the iconic Yang Hyun Suk.

Note: And when will Yangsa give us the exact date of TaeYang’s Real release? It’s been delayed like weeks up until now ==’

Via 빅뱅·투애니원 '새 집 살아요' YG신사옥 1월말 입주


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