[FANCAM]091230 G-Dragon via the Enterprise

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Gimpo serves some limited international flights and also BIGBANG's usual gateway to Japan.

To the best of our knowledge, it’s the BIGBANG frontman who pulls a rolling LV Monogram Canvas Pegase 65 luggage with that Sesame Street custom print, so extraterritorial that you can even spot it from ermm...outer space (it matches so damn well with his ejected-by-the-Enterprise-Spock hairdo).

Nice landing in a fierce martian look as always, ke ke^^V

Via 100105


Note: Team.BIGBANG admins can be snarky and naugthy from time to time.We will try every best possible way not to cause BIGBANG any harm.

Again,Vulcan salute to the Leader and welcome back to the planet earth!

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