【NEWS】Jang Hyun Seung And A Present From G-Dragon

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In his recent interview Jang Hyun Seung of 『BEAST』,aka ex-BIGBANG or So-1,has mentioned the brotherly love between him and Ji Yong oppa.

There is one fashion item,the star studded belt,that G-Dragon gave it to him.

"G-Dragon hyung gave this gift to me in winter 2005.The star shape is my favorite and I've been using it ever since then."

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It's great to know that Hyun Seung's love and respect in BIGBANG and G-Dragon never fades away through time and it was 5 years ago since they first met!The guy always keeps BIGBANG as his good memory^^

We hope Hyun Seung will be successful in his career path!Hwaiting!

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