【CM】100404 「Eversense BIGBANG Girls」 Interview on See San Ban Teong + Korean-Thai-English Translation

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BIGBANG: Sawasdee krub 「See San Ban Teong」. (Hello 「See San Ban Teong」)

G-Dragon: Thank you for our Thai fans that you don't forget BIGBANG.We haven't seen you for a while and I'm so happy to come here and meet you today.We want to say thank to you all.Pom Rak Fan Chao Thai Mak Mak Krub (I love Thai VIPs so much)

TaeYang: We're so excited to shoot the CM for the first time in Thailand.Thank you for the attention you've given to BIGBANG.

G-Dragon: Speaking of our new album,we're currently working so hard on it.I hope that it will be out in this summer and it's not only the new album,we're also releasing the greatest hits one.So,VIPs,please look forward to it^^

MC:This year is our channel's 40th Anniversary.Can you give us the Birthday wishes?

BIGBANG: Happy Birthday to Channel 3!

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