【TV】G-Dragon SBS 「Heroes」 : I want to marry Yoo In-na

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This clip is soooo funny and makes me laugh so hard!

Noh Hong-cheol: "Which member of Heroes that you want to marry?"
G-Dragon: (with hesitation) "I choose Yoo In-na,I want to marry her."
NHC: "Do you choose her because you are from the same agency?"
G-Dragon: (in a shy voice) "Noooo,I'm Yoo In-na fan at the start..."

HAHAHA He had me at his hello~~^^ and his type is always noona!!!AISHHHH

Ji Yong oppa must be on that new Optimus.The ringtone is EPIC!!

Note: Yoo In Na (29) is YGE's actress.She's the famous sexy star in Korea.Do you remember when she front January 2010 Maxim?It was the hottest magazine in winter!!I bet that Ji Yong oppa won't miss get himself a copy,even though he was so busy at the concert at that time *nosebleed* LMAO.



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