【PHOTO】Gummy Thanks BIGBANG & YG Family On Her me2DAY Photo Update

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2010/05/09 @ 23:12:09

지드래곤지용이, 영배,TOP,대성이, 승리.그리고 어제도 이야기 했지만 다라 민지 봄 씨엘 ,세븐이!!첫 방송 응원해줘서 정말 너무 고맙구,예뻐졌다는 칭찬 받게 해주신 우리 HwangSSaBu님 (사진에 찾아보세요^^) 감사해요!열심히 할께요

G-Dragon JiYong, TaeYang,T.O.P,DaeSung,SeungRi.And to Dara,Minji, Bom,CL,SE7EN yesterday!!Thank you all for the support for my first broadcast,I've got your wonderful support and Hwang Sa Bu,too (look for him in this photo^^) Thank you so much!I'll work hard for it.

Congrats to your new records,unnie!

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