BIGBANG SeungRi Message - It's sprinkling,I feel like it's terrible that I can't make it ,Even, If you feel bad ~

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Annyeong^^ It's a glory SeungRi Day today.
Wish everyone have a nice day today.I've got a surprise gift for you

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I choose some of the photos that I took from my phone as a gift
Let's save it as a wallpaper,everyone
Instead...I'm your secret boyfriend
you should check ya firls phone that's my face on her frame*
Oh Dae Han Min Guk~~ SeungRi Ae Ham Seouk ~~~
Oh Dae Han Min Guk~~ Oh Oh ~~ Oh Oh Oh ~~~~
Into The Fire is coming soon
Please look forward to SE7EN COME BACK .....
DaeBak (great) country♡
Jalja (good night) Annyeong VIP ~~^^ 

It's SeungRi Day today and he also works for YG as a PR,too,LMAO.Good for you,GwangJu^^

Note: He could have typed "you should check ya girl's phone that's my face on her screen" ^^ he's so cheeky,having his photo on your phone wallpaper will only make the boyfriend jealous!

Via Daum 카페 | BIGBANG


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